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Hi, new here and was wondering if anyone with a knowledge of PC's that is greater than mine (not too difficult:) could help answer a couple of questions:

- 1. This patch, what exactly does it fix?

- 2. I have Windows 8 (64-BIT). The game ran perfectly without the update, but with the update the game stutters a bit regarding the frame-rate: nothing severe; but still, noticeably decreased.

Does anyone know why this is the case, and what - if anything - I can do to improve things? Besides not using the update of course.

If anyone has a solution, please say it as though you're talking to a chimpanzee and please don't assume I have much knowledge of the technical-side of gaming on a PC :) many thanks!
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the patch modifies some settings in cam_exet.cfg, including d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames. this needs to be set to "1 1", if not, most users will experience uneven framerates. you can set it back to "1", but this would certainly be the first time someone would experience smoother framerate with this setting.

find d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames 1 1, and change it to
d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames 1
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Thanks voodoo47, but I'm afraid it did not have any effect, unless I did something wrong. As I understand, I'm to find "cam_ext" , look for
" d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames" and change the value from the default '1 1' to '1'.

I did all of the above, saved it, launched the game and found it was exactly the same. I would guess maybe 40 fps, dipping as low as 25. Without the patch it's seems like 60 fps, give-or-take, and is consistent, with no frame-rate dips whatsoever.
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that would point to a weak gpu that is not able to handle multisampling. undo the changes you did to cam_cfg, find multisampling, and make sure the line looks like this:
;multisampletype 8
what graphics card do you have, btw?
Ah thanks, I will check that. Re: graphics card - It's just one of those Intel HD integrated things; so not really a great card. It's not a dedicated gaming PC.

*EDIT*. Yes, it says "mutisampletype 8". Basically, all the default values are in place, but it's still slow.
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