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dudalb: Worst Thread Ever.
GOG had,from the beginning, two prices for it's classic games:Six Bucks and Ten Bucks.
(GOG did not stick to this when it came to releasing new Indie Games).

Why all the fuss over a game costing Ten bucks...espicially one which is A. Out of Print and B. A Lot more expensive if you get it at E Bay.
I have never played the game, but because it is so widely praised It was a instabuy for me.
Gamers have the rep online of often being a bunch of whiny,spoiled brats. The people bitching about the price just confirm that image.
As someone said, if you think the price is too high, don't buy it.
If you are interested in reading any of my later posts, you'd understand a bit more. Just as an addendum to you thinking it's about being spoiled, is a rather silly sentiment considering it's a 15-year-old game that isn't confined to limited physical copies on ebay anymore (or less legit methods). However, apparently, the people at Gog had to put a lot of effort in being able to release this, and higher price-points aren't going to necessarily become a trend.
omninull: If you are interested in reading any of my later posts, you'd understand a bit more. Just as an addendum to you thinking it's about being spoiled, is a rather silly sentiment considering it's a 15-year-old game that isn't confined to limited physical copies on ebay anymore (or less legit methods). However, apparently, the people at Gog had to put a lot of effort in being able to release this, and higher price-points aren't going to necessarily become a trend.
The license holder is more important then GoG. Remember, someone had to acquire the licenses (which probably cost a LOT as so far they have not been able to be acquired.) So they need to make a profit off of this, and then GoG put a lot of man hours into working this, and are a for profit business.

This has nothing to do with limited/unlimited supply, and everything to do with the money required to release this, coupled with the companies duties to its shareholders (if either have them) and its employees. When you have unlimited supply, you have to gauge the demand and find a price point that is both fair, and will still turn a profit when then demand dries up.

TBH, looking at all that went into this, I am really surprised it is not at a higher price point.
omninull: Figures I'd get an inane, mob-like reactive response. Don't think, just buy buy buy!
It's called "voting with your wallet." People here are making a point to support the efforts of those who made this happen, and to call on modern developers to make better games (and rights holders of other good old games to add their stuff to the GoG library.) If too many people held back because they wanted a lower price, all that effort would have been wasted, and fewer companies would be willing to take the plunge and collaborate with GoG.

I'm a cheapskate, and I don't mind waiting until something goes on sale, but I bought this game immediately because I felt that they deserved to get full price from me, and I didn't join a mob to do it.
Austrobogulator: They should charge $5.99 for System Shock 1 + System Shock 2 + BioShock + Bioshock 2 + Bioshock Infinite + Dead Space + Dead Space 2 + Dead Space 3.
And they should give us free pizza with every purchase(DRM-free, of course...;)...).......and free booze.
LordRikerQ: OP, never ask a bunch of fanboys hyped up on nostalgia if something is worth the price. These people would pay hundreds for something. Its kind of a crazy.

I've never played it before, so I've a more level headed view on this, it might be worth the 10$ but the mob is high on nostalgia and will lynch anyone that dares question their fond childhood memories.
I have never played the game before and purchased it as soon as it was available here on and can say it is definitely worth the asking price of $9.99. In all honesty I was expecting a price of $19.99 or more before it was available considering how difficult it has been to get the rights to release it.
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And ppl think $9,99 is too expensive!? Seriously!? And then they rush for a new Call of Duty which is still selling for friggin 40+ EUR after 2 years. There are brand new games that i wouldn't value them at 10 bucks (like the god awful Aliens Colonial Marines) yet ppl think such awesome games like System Shock 2 aren't worth those 10 bucks. Strange way of thinking...
I think i didn't even notice the price before purchase - it was the quickest transaction i've ever made. then i donated to Kolya, the author of mods/patches. And all that money together for SS2 is still a great deal if you ask me (System Shock 2 <love>) :D Have fun guys!
ronanshepard: I own the original CD version, so it's an expensive purchase for myself given that I can get the game running on my PC with a patch and whatnot (for free).

But for anyone who doesn't own it, it's a no brainer purchase for this price.
I own the original CD version too, but still think $10 is a bargain. I prefer having a digital copy with said patches per-installed. More convenient and less effort. Plus I payed $20 for my original copy off ebay, which was a bargain then. As far as I'm concerned some gamers are just plain cheap. This game gives you more game play than most modern games at $50-$60. That's the way I look at it, I don't care how old the game is. It's not any different when old movies and music are sold on a new format.

I'm not arguing against you, just my reasons for purchasing it again.
StingingVelvet: Nope.
Ten bucks for one of the best games ever made is a problem?

Gosh. That's like complaining that Citizen Kane isn't free... or something, I dunno.
I think its hilarious how butt hurt he got. He asked a yes or no question, got several answers, reacted as a master of douchebaggery would.

Maybe oh Mighty Master of Douchebaggery, you should have rephrased your question, as such :

"I feel the price for SS2 is steep. What does everyone else think, and why?"

I did you the favor of bolding the most important part of the question so that you could have achieved a more desirable outcome, and maybe would have even warranted your original response to the hail of no's you got.
Yes...but many can't afford to lose another bank in their wallet,I joined GOG when word has spoken of System Shock 2,but since being a BioShock fan,I might as well beg for it...hoping one day,someone will help me...and wanting to play System Shock 2 so badly,I can't even get a penny now...some work deserve to help too.I feel like a suicidal maniac posting this comment,but,pls,I am now just in envy...
$10 doesn't seem high to me after I started playing. At first (never played the game before) I thought it was, so I went on Steam to check out the price of some older games: half life is $10, Quake is $10,. Both games that are good but should be cheaper too, imho.

So $10 for DRM free game (much easier to install on the other computer in the house for my son to play compared to buying something on Steam) that's entertaining two of us is a pretty good deal. I'm sure if I wanted I could coop on my LAN for that $10 by installing it twice too.
If you can't drop $10 for a game that offers a LOT of replayability and far more gaming time than the average flagship FPS on PC or Console these days, well then don't buy it. That's still half the price of the average budget title you'd see on the shelves at Best Buy or Gamestop. The only software that sells for $9.99 in stores are those super budget titles in the small CD case sized packages they set up at Office Depot and places like that. $10 for this game is a steal and I bought and played it back in the day. You could probably pirate an original copy and spend a few hours going through the process to fully patch it and get it running perfectly on a modern OS like the GOG version does. But to me paying 10 bucks to support a group that makes it so easy to play old classic games is more than worth it.
I'm trying to think of reasons how anyone could ever argue that 10 USD is too much for a decent or excellent game. I was thinking, maybe the naysayers are from countries where you make a dollar an hour from hard work. Maybe they are from countries where they can only ever buy pirated games in clear plastic sleeves with a shoddily cut photo copy of the jewel case. No, that clearly isn't the case as most people list their locations in their profiles.

I'm thinking maybe they are under 15 years old and only get their weekly or monthly allowance from their parents, which they have a hard time juggling between candy, WoW gold and lots of energy drinks. No, unrealistic scenario. Kids that age don't care about gaming history.

Maybe they shelled out hundreds of dollars on useless gimmicky cosmetic 5 dollar DLCs for post 2005-games and they are burned out? Could be. It happens to a lot of people. It can warp your perception of money for sure.

I'm more inclined to believe it is just human nature to be too cheap for your own good. If you can afford the time and money to play games, anything less than 10 USD is chump change. Even a modest amount of snacks for the evening is more expensive in the developed world. If you are driving to work you probably spend more than this just commuting every day. If you're a smoker, I don't even need to finish this sentence.

Even if you're only going to spend an evening with a decent game, you can not say 10 USD is too much with a straight face. People can spend this kind of money on literal junk food without a moment of hesitation or reflection, but are prone to get into internal debates on whether a good experience is worth 6 or 10 USD. Sometimes I wish the internet would implode and never be replaced, for the better of humanity. At least in the developed world.
Maybe you should learn how to manage your money first if you really think $9.99 is expensive for such a brilliant game....