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Greetings all

I have a question about some of the updates and patches that have been made available. Do they affect any balance issues within the game or are they purely bug fixes? For instance, if I recall the Crystal Shard has a glitch with Smasher OS upgrade power, where it does standard and overhead damage combined making it more powerful than that the developers intended.
if you mean SCP (and/or ADaoB, its predecessor), then yes, obvious glitches and oversights such as the shard overhead damage have been fixed.

the aim is bugfixing, but some fixes do affect balance slightly, no way around that. official game updates do that as well (even the SS2 1.15 -> 2.3 patch did it), so we don't see this as a problem. a good example would be the overpowered assault rifle, and the almost worthless fusion cannon. so the AR has been nerfed, and the fusion cannon has been given a slight boost.
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