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The first time I tried it, it did nothing (launched at the wrong resolution and gave me a black screen when I tried to change it) and then the game kept crashing when I tried to launch it again. Then I took the copy of the game folder I made for my laptop and did the same thing except this time I copied your post by clicking reply and copying the quoted text which changed the formatting a bit. Now it still crashes when I try to launch it from the "real" launcher (Launch System Shock 2) but shock2.exe works fine. It'a bit odd but it works and that's enough for me.
Hi voodoo47,

is there any advice how to install these mods on mac version of SS2?

you need to patch up with ss2tool somehow, that will create the DataPermMods and DataTempMods folders which you can then use to load mods.
Isengrim7: Hi voodoo47,

is there any advice how to install these mods on mac version of SS2?

This didn't help?
Hello together:

I recently bought System Shock 2 and directly installed all the "recommended" mods which were listed here... now I have a lil, really annoying bug and I wonder, if that can happen with one of the mods:

The last fight simply doesn't start... I go through to the point where I have to jump down, get this nice lil talk with our cute AI and then... nothing. No loading screen for the end fight, I just fall into the "darkness" and stay there... watching the nice lights above me.
Anyone knows how this can happen or how to fix it without needing the play through the whole game again?


Sigh and as always I oversaw the one thread explaining the bug and giving a fix... sorry for being blind today ^^"
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I used to enjoy this game although it doesn't scare me in the slightest anymore.
I always played it with the Secmod, has anyone heard of that?
yes, it is a quite heavy gameplay mod, good for experienced players.
The main thing is to make sure that each player listens to one of their voice logs before moving from area to area (when a loading screen is required). 90% of the freezes are fixed this way.
four hundred v15 is out. do try to use the google docs mirror to save bandwidth.
I need to start playing this game again. I just discovered the wonders of eBay (already huh...) so I've been busy with some games I got from there
thanks voodoo47!
I'm gonna check out this one.
help, I think I installed the mods wrong. I put them all in the DAtapermmods folder and unzipped, but
when I start the game, there are no changes. How do I know the mods are working?
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Any up's about SCP?
still ain't done. here's a couple of vids in the meantime;
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Second video was cool