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edit: I guess it doesn't matter now, I'm way farther in. :P

I'm about 9 hours in (yeah a little late to be asking about this now) but I'm worried I've been spreading my modules too thin. Any general tips? I'd like to focus on non-PSI weaponry, but it seems like you basically need to invest in everything - repair, modification, hacking, etc. - to make full use of weaponry. (like I can't use the "assault rifle" yet fixing it has a 70% chance of failure.) I'm not afraid to cheat if need be to beat the game but would of course prefer not to if need be. Currently I have 14 cybermodules and am at the elevator right after meeting the first midwife (in that long big tunnel with the windows all around, iirc). I am on EASY.

(I'm not a big RPG guy because of having to worry about how you spend limited points. I'd prefer to be able to grind if the time required is not too outrageous.)

I've heard you're supposed to play multiple times to get the most out of the game, but for now I'd just like to finish it (preferably w/o cheating if need be) and maybe come back to it some day.
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It may not seem like it at first, but you get plenty of modules to spend on your skills. You are right before the cyber module income ramps up. Don't overthink this.. you will be fine.

A great beginner build (and one i am using) is something I saw on a steam guide. It centers around being a Navy specialist. Basically it goes like this:


Strength - should be close to max, due to the extra inventory space and weapons. Implants can help out with this.

Endurance - Since you are playing on easy you don't need to level this up past 2. Hypos can counteract.

Agility - useless

Psionics - not applicable to this build

Cyber Affinity - Very important. Decreases difficulty of hacking, repairing, and modifying. The primary use that this build
gets from it is the decreased difficulty in hacking.


Standard - Should be the highest combat skill. Max it out. Pistols, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles have a lot of ammo laying around. Energy and Heavy weapons should at least have 1 skill point in them. I brought my standard weapons up to 4 then put 1 in energy and heavy.

Hacking - should be the highest tech skill. It always comes in handy!

Maintenance - should be up there as well (I left it at 4). If you have a sufficient maintenance skill, then you won't ever
need to repair your weapons. Don't worry, you will have ample opportunity to acquire maintenance tools.
If you really need to repair something, then you can use an auto-repair unit.

Modify - Weapons can be modified to level 2 (from a base level of 0). I put no points into these. Why? Because you run
into items that can modify your weapons. They are called French-Epstein devices. There can be a benefit to
having thie skill, but I have been doing just fine without it.

Research - You should have at least 1 to 2 points in research for the combat bonuses and info you receive from
performing research. I brought mine up to 4, but the guide said to just leave it at 1. The reason why I
brought my research skill up was to reduce the amount of time it took to research an item. There are some
items/enemies that require you to have a set level of research. 1 or 2 points should get you through just

Psionics are optional, but the game seems to encourage specializing, which is why this build doesn't use it. However, the guide did say that you could take Psychogenic Cyber-Affinity as an option. It's useful when hacking and it doesn't matter that the boost is limited to two minutes, because you normally hack in safe moments only.

O/S Upgrades

A total of four of these can be found throughout the game. You get to choose from 16. I recommend going with the following:

Sharpshooter - +15% damage to all ranged, non-psionic weapons.

Cybernetically Enhanced - +1 implant slot

Replicator Expert - -20% discount on all replicator items

Pharmo-Friendly - +20% benefit from all hypos.


Useful implants are BrawnBoost, ExperTech, LabAssistant (when researching), and the WormMind implants.

Hopefully that helps you out. Don't be stingy with your implants, there are plenty of opportunities to hit up recharge stations. Oh and don't be like me and forget halfway through the game that you have to manually drag and drop the surgical unit keys onto the unit itself!
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Camasi: ...
Thanks for the tips! I had to put the game aside for now because I'm an addictive person when it comes to games, but when I come back to the game I'll remember this.

I especially appreciate the Standard mention; I was unsure since it seemed to cost so many modules but I need 6 to use the assault rifle I have.
Camasi: ...
Looks like I might have some time to play on the weekends, so again, thanks for this. :)
Camasi: Pistols, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles have a lot of ammo laying around.
Well I ended up using a lot of ammo on the Recreation deck because I had to keep backtracking and running through the mall where there were a lot of enemies respawning. (I also had to cheat to get a Power Cell because I left the other one somewhere and didn't want to spend hours trying to find it.) I'm at the start of the Command deck. I'll see how far I can get without having to cheat for ammo.