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Here we go again, after a decade since I last played System Shock 2, I'm at it again. And I have encountered a slight problem.

This time around, I'm playing multiplayer with a friend (first-time player, he didn't know any spoilers and was pleasantly shocked where shock was due) and we're up to the Rickenbacker now. One of the things that's been plaguing us since the very beginning is the fact that if we merge stacks, we can't separate them anymore.

I seem to remember that the game had the ability to split stacks, through the Alt key. Multiple pages on the net confirm the same. The key config page doesn't show it as a bindable action. Does anyone know what needs to be bound and where? Is there a .cfg file containing it?
This question / problem has been solved by voodoo47image
this is an issue with the GOG default install I believe, repatch with the latest ss2tool and it should be fixed (see the sticky).
Thanks for the help. Since we're already almost past the Rickenbacker, I'll do so after we finish the game.