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WTF? I think this was fixed?
it's a feature, not a bug. anyway, there's a mod for that.
Post edited September 08, 2018 by Zanderat
as far as the old mods go, Enhanced logs have been made compatible, but the hires objects still need a fix.
Post edited September 08, 2018 by voodoo47
Zanderat: WTF? I think this was fixed?
The text is the original text from the floppy disk version of System Shock Classic. That version had no voice acting so the "audio" logs were just glorified Marathon terminals, popularised by that awesome series (of which Ken Levine is a fan, going by the references to it in the sequel and Bioshock Infinite) and Doom 4.

This incidentally allowed the player name function to have more use as you really were just reading emails, so the name you chose for the Hacker would crop up in places. It's also why some logs have more detail in the text than the audio: it was changed slightly in the CD version with the voice acting.