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System shock 2 was completely killed from the hard disk after my last message.
At last I changed the option from normal to easy level difficulty in the area with the brain which had no effect. Then I googled for cheats. This was a bad joke, too. I had the same respawn rate using the no spawn cheat written in the given correct syntax. Having dozens of additional grenades and medical packs changed nothing in gameplay. If you kill three flying enemies, you will have three new flying enemies one second later. I think, you can easily reproduce it to see this kind of crap.

Or are there any invisible cameras hanging around in the cave which the navy character can't see due to his different character building? No, joke aside, I had this same effect one time per game in another area as described before in both trials.

The cheat for god mode didn't work to be able to have a chance to fire at the brain or the stars around. Never mind! I don't have savegames anymore. Perhaps anybody else could be interested who knows that topic and help you with a savefile? I won't give this game a third chance, two trials were two trials too much for this overhype.

To me ss2 was part of a series of game bugs. Before I played Mafia II. The main story worked but not the bad dlcs which it's technical issues. Then I tried saints row third again and I had problems with the save system. Some quests weren't closed. I didn't have this known bug in the forum in my first trial years ago. Before that I finished the retail versions of Gothic 1 + 3 without any problems.
someone wasn't paying attention - floating thingies will not truly die unless brainy thingies are killed first. changing the difficulty will have no effect on spawn rates, and the spawn cheat doesn't work, this is well known (there however is a no-spawn mod which does). also, there is no cheat that would make you invincible.

anyway, I'm very sure that everything is working as intended (and I'm also almost sure that if I could check the save with 20 enemies, I would find 5 at most), so to finish this up, I'll just repeat what I always say - if the game is destroying you with ease, you are doing it wrong.
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Made the big mistake to choose the navy as char. Marine or navy was adviced to start with in a forum. I slept over it and started a third attempt to beat the game. Trying something different this time with the osa-psi-guy. This add depth and diversification in the game similar to godlike deus ex 1. It is not so kinda boring like in my first two trials with the navy, but it is much harder to figure everything out.

I already reached the sports deck area. Again I had orientation problems to close two objectives, which cost nerving 2 hours. Hope, I won't miskill the char to be able to kill the brain this time in the totally awful designed rickenbacker area. I am eager to see if I will have this endless stupid respawn again. In this case I will prepare a savefile, if somebody is interested in. Up to now I didn't have this effect,but let's wait. I was faster than in my first two trials. Do they program a counter which make the game harder and increase the respawn rate in case for playing too long?

I wished they had used another sci-fi-setting. There are good rudiments in the game and I like the graphic style like in deus ex 1. I will have a look for mods later on.
I'm always interested in fixing SS2 issues, so feel free to share a save if you think something strange is going on - remember, the GOG/steam updates are largely based on community feedback.
Addition to my previous posts and review: the controls are only clunky in the beginning of the game, because it is part of the game concept. You can change this in investing points in character development. In my third run I used the osa-psi-char and the ability to be invisible. With invisiblity on I had time enough and watched approximately 5 directly following enemies at each time in deck 4. If I remember right, the adjacent rooms were filled with more of them. In my third trial I still had orientation problems. I really don't like the quest-, map- and log-system of system shock 2, which was an extremely time consuming experience. Without the help of google and youtube I would never have reached the USS Rickenbacker. The osa-psi-char brought some fun, but I found out that some psi-abilities seem to be needless and the
amount of cyber modules is limited. I haven't tested them all. Up to now I couldn't beat the much too hectic area with the brain and endless respawning enemies. Generally the fighting and loot system of system shock 2 brings a lot of interesting action. I haven't made any experience with survival or rogue titles. Some people compare system shock 2 with these genres. I bought some titles in the sale, but they are all in the pipeline to be played like a lot of time consuming rpgs.
schickimicky: Then I googled for cheats. This was a bad joke, too. I had the same respawn rate using the no spawn cheat written in the given correct syntax. Having dozens of additional grenades and medical packs changed nothing in gameplay. If you kill three flying enemies, you will have three new flying enemies one second later. I think, you can easily reproduce it to see this kind of crap.
LMFAO! this thread is wild...
UnrelatedComa: meanwhile I beat systemshock 2. The end part was extemely hard and frustrating. I think, you need to be a keypad acrobat, which wasn't a good game decision of the programmers in my point of view. At the end I am not a fan of system shock 2, but it has some nice elements like the collecting mania, the inventory system or the character creation.
I completely agree with OP and the sentiments echoed here about respawning enemies ruining the experience.

I just think this mechanic ruins the experience for me personally as someone who enjoys exploring a lot more than having a super tense survival horror experience. If you're not an explorer and like the increased tension, inventory & resource management, faster paced gameplay, then I can see why you might defend the respawning (and degrading mechanics).

After many failed attempts to get into this game, I finally gave it a shot with a no weapon degrade + no respawn mod and it made the game so much more enjoyable to play, that I beat it all the way through in a couple of days. It felt challenging and I still felt a lot of anxiety, even though some sections were "clear".

Respawning enemies literally punishes you for exploring. In a game where exploring is essential, being punished for wandering around and looking for things you need sucks. Instead of basking in the atmosphere, the game is always trying to force you forward and fight, which is hot garbage. This engine is not suited for fighting and I'm so glad it's basically useless by-design in Thief.
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not really



it's been explained a hundred times, so doing it once more won't change anything - the mechanic is there to keep the player on their toes, to make them feel not safe, to teach them that fiddling with a keypad for too long and not checking their back might result in a friendly head tap with a hybrid pipe. so it's doing exactly what it should - this isn't Doom where you clear a level out, hit a switch and proceed to do the same thing in the next one.

there is no way the very mild environmental spawning can be interpreted as the game forcing you to fight all the time - if you are getting swarmed by enemies, you are doing something wrong (activating and ignoring alarms, most likely).
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I backed this game way back in the mists of time. The game development has taken a few wrong turns since then. I'm not touching the Demo because I want to play the finished article, new, shiny, on my machine, without any preconceptions.

Lets hope its not shit, please don't be shit.
this topic is about SS2, not the System Shock Remake.

not going into details if you don't want to know, but seems like SSR is well on the way, and complete failure seems unlikely.
monsterZERO: My brain is incapable, however, of suspending disbelief over the magically respawning enemies. My first enemy encounter ruined it for me. I literally stood in the same spot and fought 15 enemies in a row before dying. It RUINS the immersion... RUINS it!
Immersion is one of those terribly useless buzz words that means absolutely nothing. Some people find it immersive to require the player to eat food, suffer broken bones (as in cannot shoot straight or hold certain weapons), need sleep. Some people find it immersive for there to only be one life and once that is over the game is over. There should be a sanity meter because in game you'd have to be some kind of sociopath not to realize you're slaughtering former friends and coworkers, it's all for immersion! Hell, how is it that you keep on fighting after being shot? Health bars break Immersion. Once shot you should have to limp your way back to a surgery bay and hope you don't die in the process.


My feel is that people here just want a fast shooting FPS, not a slow survival horror where it is often better to run away than to kill everything you see.
You just bumped this thread to respond to a post from SEVEN YEARS AGO.
we've seen worse.