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I'm aware most of the people here aren't all that interested in playing the classic version of System Shock, when the Enhanced Edition offers so much more (especially that nice addition that is mouse look), but to everyone that is remotely interested in playing the original version and is willing to use the pre-packaged DOSBox to do so, at least there is a way for you to rebind/configure your keys.

I used it for both and [url=]Realms of the Haunting, since they use mouse and keyboard at the same time but neither supports mouse look, so, it's easier to just configure the keys to whatever we want them to be -- it makes the games way less clunky. All you need to do is, as soon as you start the game, press Ctrl+F1 to open the <span class="bold">DOSBox Mapper</span> and then edit your key bindings. You still won't be able to enable mouse look, but you can at least reconfigure the keys to a more suitable control scheme.

NOTE: This can only be done if you're using DOSBox to play the game, and it takes a while to understand how the process works -- read the wiki page I linked for detailed explanation on how to set things up.

I sincerely hope this is helpful to some of the people out there that wish to try the original but won't because they find the key bindings to be clunky.

Happy gaming! :)

[EDIT] Obviously, as you might have guessed, this works for all games running on DOSBox.

(Also, would a mod be so kind as to address the title typo "rebiding" and change it to the correct "rebinding"? Thanks in advance!)
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If you add the mouselook patch (which you'll likely want), you can edit the key definitions in the XCYB.CFG file.
Thanks to both of you for your posts.

I knew about that DOSBox function but I often forget about it. I bought System Shock only for the "classic" edition, the motivation behind the purchase was only to play one of my favourite games at the time and still now. Maybe I'll try the Enhanced Edition some time later but I'm not really looking into it. I'm okay with the lack of mouselook, though it's nice to know it works, my main purpose is to revive the original feeling.