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There seems to be an issue with the version of wine included and the newer xinput2 support, causing absolute or relative or whatever mouse input to skip around badly when moving the cursor. This is first noticeable when looking around the entry room of the training center at the start of the game, looking around the window with the protocol droid behind it.

A fix seems to be to use Wineskin Winery to download a newer engine, use the inside the app/Contents directory to update the engine, and enable Use Mac Driver instead of X11 under Screen Options. Or at least that fixes it for me. Updating the wine version is a bare minimum, as that Mac Driver requires fairly recent updates to winemac which support native OpenGL in addition to X11 OpenGL.
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For me the solution was to turn off multisampling in cam_ext.cfg, that improved performance greatly. The cursor is stil jittery, especially when standing near the corner of a wall and facing it, but at least it's playable. If I use the arrow keys to turn it's perfectly smooth. Switching to a newer Wine version and turning on the Mac driver has awful performance for me unfortunately.

EDIT: just tried, the 1.6rc4 version of Wines seems to have a better Mac driver, works much better now, possibly even smoother than X11. Plus, the Mac driver has proper gamma support for brightness instead of having to change brightness in Wineskin.
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