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I was wondering if anyone has an idea of whether this would work or not. My friend has a mac but I play in pc. I would like to be able to play online with him through Hamachi, tunngle, tcp/ip or other means. Does anyone know if this is possible even though the installers may be different for both versions? Is there any guide or can anyone give me a rough idea of how it would work?
This question / problem has been solved by voodoo47image
possible, as long as you'll be able to make both installs see each other on the network.
I managed to connect with my friend but I have another problem that occurred. We both managed to get through the tutorial and the year selections without trouble. However, when the final synchonization happens just before we both arrive on the Von Braun in the beginning, the game manages to get one person in the ship but the other one gets stuck in the synchronization screen. We tried it two times (him being the host and me the client and viceversa) with the same result. Is there any solution to that problem? Does it occur in the windows versions as well?
yes. try restarting the game from the beginning, and you will either get lucky and the game will synchronize this time.. or you won't. nothing can be done about this, unfortunately.