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Very interested in the System Shock games, but i am not a huge fan of challenging games. I love good stories and sci-fi, so i was hoping someone could tell me how hard they are.
the 1st game has settings to change the difficuly of various aspects of the game, cyberspace, puzzles, enemies and story elements

system shock 2 just has a difficulty setting
I'd say they're challenging compared to modern games since there isn't any giant arrow pointing where to go. You need to pay attention to conversations and logs found in the game to proceed. SS2 can be hard in the beginning because you don't get much ammo so you have to use a wrench or sneak around.

Challenging, yes, but not too hard.

Edit: Don't play thinking it's a FPS game.
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SS2 will punish you a lot if you approach a situation from the wrong end. hint - bum rushing turrets will lead to acquiring a lot of unnecessary ventilation (with extra charred edges, if they are laser turrets).

hence, the "if you die a lot, you are doing it wrong" rule.
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