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zerxen: Many thanks!

After a bit trying of trying different resolutions I added this line to the cam_ext .CFG in the main game directory:

d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 960 600

Now I can read texts just fine. Somehow also the additional bonus is that the game got a bit more nostalgic feel to it. ;)
Thanks for the tip, now I can actually see the inventory items and text.
voodoo47 does not disappont. I love how moddable the game has become.
Voodoo, you seem like the guy to talk to in regards to SS2. I've never played this game before; is it worth it playing at a 1920x1080? Should I go for something lower? Thanks, mate.
using your monitor's native resolution is recommended, whatever it is. HUD scaling is a thing of personal preference, some users enable it, some don't.

as for the game, it seems like there are only very few people that don't like it, so I would say it's worth playing, no matter the resolution. (see the first one)
Post edited June 27, 2013 by voodoo47