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Originally I wanted to post the longer review on the GOG page but it won't let me, so I posted only the shorter version. Here's the full version of my review if anyone is interested:

To cut a long story short, System Shock 2 is a legendary game - a rare gem of the very end of the 90s that is a perfect demonstration of how creative and unique some of the games were in that golden period of PC game history.
System Shock 2 is a 3D sci-fi horror stealth action game with strong RPG character development elements. It uses a version of the Dark Engine, which was also utilized in the original two Thief games (also available on GOG). While the visuals may seem rather dated by modern standards, and the 3D model polygon count is rather low, the angular and "roughly cut" appearance of the game characters seem spot-on for a game like System Shock 2 and only adds to the horrifying atmosphere that the setting of the game is filled with. The sounds of the various biological and mechanical creatures you're going to encounter (I'm not going to go into details here, don't want to spoil the experience) are at least as terrifying and awe-inspiring and can really make you jump in your seat when a certain enemy creeps up from behind and gives a horrifying scream before initiating an attack.
Where the game truly shines, however, is its gameplay. While the game focuses on action with pronounced stealth elements (though less pronounced than in Thief), it also gives the player an opportunity to develop the character in a variety of ways, choosing between three distinct character classes, each of which is associated with its own unique playstyle, and giving the player the option to develop various skill trees. Some of the skills focus on tech (repairing, hacking, etc.), some on weapon proficiencies, and the others on psionic abilities. Upgrading skills requires finding cybernetic modules, which are rarther rare and few. Modules are awarded for completing the storyline quests and are also sometimes found in the game world. Still, there are only so many cybernetic modules you can earn, so there's no way you can go all-out and upgrade all the skill trees equally well at once, so you have to be careful and decisive about the character build you're going to go for.
As for the arsenal, System Shock 2 features a lot of different weapons and items which the player can pick up and put to use during the game. Most of the weapons can be upgraded in a variety of ways and some items must be researched in a lab in order to be used - some of the better items require quite rare chemicals for research, too, which are only found in some labs but not in any other. Most weapons consume different types of ammo, each of which can be better suited for particular combat situations and enemy types. Weapons also break down and must either be repaired or replaced with new ones.
The atmosphere of the game is always distinctly tense - the enemies are plenty and strong, the mysterious events surrounding the player are developed carefully and slowly enough to build suspense and yet keep the player interested, and the continuous necessity to find ways to heal wounds, replenish ammo and psi energy, and repair/change weaponry keeps the adrenaline level high.
The game is quite long and will likely take you quite a while to finish, especially if you're playing for the first time or if you're a completionist and would like to explore every nook and cranny of every location. It is also highly replayable thanks to the different classes and skill builds that you may try out and also, of course, thanks to the unique atmosphere that makes you want to experience the game again. Once the game is fully explored, however, you may also want to try out the mods which were released by the community (Through the Looking Glass website may be a good place to start).
In other words, System Shock 2 is a unique game which deserves to be loved and played through at least once by every loyal fan of truly great old games out there. It is amazing to see GOG finally release SS2 fully DRM-free - this is truly the return of the Legend thanks to Good Old Games, for which I'm highly grateful! Now that the Legend is back, it's a definite insta-buy for me, and I highly recommend this game to all of you fellow GOG members!

- Agetian