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/!\: This thread is not kept up-to-date anymore, please go to the following one to get the latest links and instructions, or for any kind of feedback on the scripts:
[./] Install the System Shock games on Linux


Hello fellow Debian users, Ubuntu lovers and Mint freaks!

Here you’ll find scripts allowing you to turn your Windows installer of System Shock 2 into a .deb package, allowing to install it through DPKG and remove it through any APT front-end (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.).

Download links and usage instructions can be found on the following page:
System Shock 2

I hope you’ll enjoy these scripts as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them ;)

Here you go for more supported games!


/!\: Ce fil n’est plus maintenu, rendez-vous sur le suivant pour trouver les derniers liens et instructions, ou pour poster des retours au sujet de ces scripts :
[./] Install the System Shock games on Linux


Salut camarades Debianistes, Ubunteros et fanas de Linux Mint !

Vous allez pouvoir trouver ici des scripts permettant de construire un paquet .deb à partir de l’installeur pour Windows de System Shock 2 vendu par Ce paquet pourra par la suite être installé via DPKG, et désinstallé via n’importe quelle interface à APT (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.).

Les instructions et le lien de téléchargement pour le script se trouvent par ici :
System Shock 2

J’espère que vous apprécierez le confort apporté par ces scripts autant que j’apprécie les écrire et les améliorer ;)

Pour plus de jeux supportés, ça se passe par ici !
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Couldn't say no to $1.49 sale, so grabbed SS2 for another playthrough, this time on Linux.

Using the linked page, however, the GOG version is currently setup_system_shock_2_2.46_nd_(11004).exe.

The target of the installer is setup_system_shock2_2.3.0.11.exe unfortunately.
Anyway the page can get an updated install script?
bignickel1: (…)
Thanks for telling me about this update I missed, I’m going to update the script as soon as possible.
bignickel1: (…)
A new script has been published, supporting the latest GOG installer and using the new ./ 2 library.
Here you go.
Tried setting it up: got this:
Warning: unexpected setup data version 5.5.7 (Unicode)
Warning: unexpected privileges value: 4
Stream error while parsing setup headers
Detected setup version: 5.5.7 (Unicode)
Error reason: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
I found the solution in another thread from vv221:

ere are the commands to use this PPA and install the newer version of innoextract:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:arx/release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install innoextract

However the game tries to fill up the screen and ends up heading off the side

I’ve read that editing cam_ext.cft and adding ; in front of use_d3d_display will fix but root has ownership of the folder and all its files and I can’t figure out a way to take temp control of it or even permanent to edit it
Figured out how to save file but no good ; still opens with part of it : all the menus, off the side of the screen
re-enable use_d3d_display and try enabling force_windowed instead.
Thanks , I tried that already but no go; tried enabling and unenabling those various commands. The next thing I’ll try is to see I can set the resolution to my systems resolution directly in the file
Can’t figure out how to set screen directly. Seen thread about steam version with exact same issue but they’ve got variables in that file that seem to be missing in this one.
the resolution can be found in cam.cfg, look for game_screen_size xxx yyy (if it's missing completely, just add it into a new line). do note that a standard resolution is expected here, 800 600, 1920 1080, and so on, not a custom one like 1444 777 etc.
There 2 CFg files and I’ve set the resolution on both ; I’ve tried different combinations of use_d3d_display and force_windowed but still no difference. I wonder if it installed via wine conventionally if it would work correctly