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As described: when I find the laser sword froma dead body and I try to put it into my hand, the game crashes.
Is not a gamebreaking bug, but I can't take that weapon.
interesting. zip shock2.log and crash.dmp (both should be directly in your System Shock2 folder), upload to some sharing site like sendspace or similar and post the link.
They are 37.5 MB zipped, it will require me some time.
no problem, it's not like I'm going anywhere.

any chance you have modified the game files somehow?
voodoo47: any chance you have modified the game files somehow?
Yes, I only putted in a mod to add italian text on mails, logs etc.
Here's the file

Is the second link
I assume it's not verified to be 100% compatible with the 2.4 update? try disabling it.
For now I just used Crystal Shard as main weapon.
As soon as I finish thegame I will try to uninstall the translation just to be sure that is the problem.