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Possible double post. Sorry.
I have System Shock 2 installed twice on my machine. One of them is the old System Shock 2 with Rebirth and SHTUP mods. The other is the GOG German edition with the latest update.
My German is very limited and I can only pick out a few words in any given conversation (disregarding words that sound similar in English). This means that changing the keybindings is a challenging prospect. Is there any way to copy the keybindings from my old SS2 game over to the new one? I'm not sure which file contains this information.
This question / problem has been solved by voodoo47image
user.bnd. btw, let me get this right - you are using the german version even though you don't understand german? just download the english version.
But... but I want the German one...

Thanks. That is exactly the file I was looking for. You're awesome.