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The first time I got to that numpad door at the very start, a message from SHODAN automatically started playing. Now I started a new game, and found that the message just goes to my message list and doesnt autoplay. is there a setting i turned off or something? I'd like the messages to play immediately
There are two or three different types of E-reader messages: logs, which you always have to pick up, e-mails, which are transmitted directly to your reader and play automatically, and maybe a third that I can't recall. I'm pretty sure there's no in-game option to stop e-mails from playing when they're first received. When picking up a log, I think if you drop it on a certain tab/section of your inventory HUD, it'll auto-play (it's been years since I played, though, so I could be wrong about that), but otherwise, you'll have to open your E-reader and select it manually.