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really,I beat it 2 times since I bought it,and I still have trouble on Brazil and Columbia missions but I really like those missions and I played the reboot and my reaction was this:

so should I buy Syndicate Wars?is it better than the masterpiece that is the original?
The graphics and gameplay are worse in Syndicate Wars, so I wouldn't instantly recommend it.
Somehow the graphics and gameplay are better in Syndicate Wars, more oriented into action, have better AI, weapons, pathing but running mindlessly through levels without any tactic is suicide so statements that is less strategic are not true. Also Syndicate Wars is harder than original, has two distinct factions and campaigns. Overall it's worth and fun tactical action shooter.

I think what made people to think is worse it's because different style and 3D, also continuous, story-driven missions. But that's after Eurocorp conquered whole World goddamn, technology changed, CHIPs and Agents improved and global Dataverse called UTOPIA was created with AI overlords to help Executives and world order.

First game is basically about rebuilding Eurocorp power to global supremacy after something happened and it's no longer monopolist because rival syndicates so needs your help to survive and your company is part and work for them.

If you need place reboot somewhere it would act as prequel, Eurocorp downfall overlaps with plot in original Syndicate.
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It's a great game, definitely give it a shot if you like the original. I recommend checking out Cannon Fodder and Sub Rosa (free) too.