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bought the game because i have a lot of memories playing this back in the day. loaded it up without an issue, it plays without much on an issue (every now and again get some hitching loading in between menus), but overall plays great. that is until i exit the game, thats where it goes south.

when i exit the game half of the screen is corrupt (its like a greenish static), and the other half is displaying normally. and the only way to fix it is to reboot the PC.

Ive even tried with that open sourced engine using the games orignal data files, and it still has the same issue when exiting (and plus the open sourced engine version of it is a bit off, lack of some sounds, and just not playing right). so this is not an option

it plays fine on my laptop, its an old Core 2 duo, with an Intel GMA 4500m running windows 7. but its not a real great way to play the game (as it has only VGA out which none of my TVs support) when playing with the laptops screen it will not scale up the game to full screen. it's just unfortunate this is the only system i have that runs it without any issue.

now for the hardware that has the issue (i'm thinking that the game just does not like windows 10, at least on my hardware). the hardware in question is mainly used for an HTPC, and some lite gaming (Elite Dangerous and American truck sim are about as modern as it gets when it comes to games). i though it might have been an issue with DOSbox, but this doesnt seem to be the case as the same exact issue happened with the open source engine version.

the hardware
Windows 10
GT 1030 (gddr5 version)
AMD GX-420ca (pretty much the business embedded version of the Athlon 5350/A6-5200)
Graphics driver ver 399.24 (the one you get from microsoft), i never updated because everything works fine except for this game one game.

so am i stuck playing this on my laptop, or is there a way to get it working on my HTPC ?
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