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Like it says on the tin, I'm not sure my game is working right. Every time I start a mission with enemy Syndicate agents, they all seem to know exactly where I am and swarm my starting point like ants.

Even more confusingly, I'm able to equip one agent with a mini gun, amp up all his chemicles, and he'll single-handedly kill them all as they wander into range.

This... doesn't seem very tactical, though it'\s oddly satisfying.

Do they detect my scanner or persuadertron or something?
Okay, on further playing, there's DEFINITELY something wrong. I started the American Revolt expansion after beating the main game, and within ten seconds of starting the first mission - to protect a fortress and a VIP - and ATV pulls up next to the VIP's car, blows it up, and guns down the flaming target, before I can even leave the fortress - partly because there's a door out front that only opens for a car. What's going on here?
Try lowering cpu cycles (Ctrl-F11), maybe the cycles are set too high.