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When starting the game, I only see the left 2/3 of the intro screen. (up to the letter C in SYNDICATE). I can choose between the main game or expansion, sound works, I can click on the F1 to F5 keys to start a game but do not see the right 1/3 of the screen.

I am getting a Windows (10) error stating that I am not running at the proper resolution, and should be at 800x1280. My 10" mini laptop has a native 800x1280 screen resolution, so I'm baffled by that message.

Trying to run it in windowed mode at 640x480 on this small screen is too small.

Thoughts / fixes? I have never really messed with DOSbox before and don't know how to configure settings for DB.

Thanks in advance for help.

(10.1" Asus Transformer T102HA, Win 10 home, Intel Atom 8550, 4gb ram, Intel graphics, 800x1280 native)
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Run the DOSBox Configuration link (in your game folder or Start Menu), go to the Advanced Settings tab and try changing the Scaling Engine to "none" (if it's on "normal2x" or to "normal2x" if it's on "normal3x"). If that doesn't fix it, try changing the "Graphics mode" on the Basic Settings tab to "OpenGLnb" (or any of the others, but OpenGLnb is what I suspect will look the best). If even that doesn't fix it, go back to the Advanced Settings tab and increase the size of the windowed resolution so that you can comfortably play in that mode, instead.

Another option is to forgo DOSBox entirely and play in the Windows port, FreeSynd, instead:
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