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OK, I need help.

I'm on the Columbia mission, which seems pretty straight forward. One of our informants needs medical help. You have to find an ambulance, and go pick him up.

The description suggests that once you've found the ambulance, you take it to the doctor, who will take over the driving. This is where it fails for me. The doctor refuses to drive. If I drive it myself it leads me back to the start of the game - to the next objective, I suppose the injured guy. But he does nothing either.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Here is the mission objectives:

One of our executives is in need of medical attention. Unfortunately the doctor
is out of supplies. We need somebody to steal some supplies for the doctor and
then run an escort to protect him long enough to get to the exec.

Target update: Civilian medical vehicles carry enough supplies for field surgery
and one of these would be ideal. If you can locate one and get it to the doctor
then all you have to do is keep enemy agents away.

Tactics: Find and retrieve the ambulance before you get to the doctor. Only one
agent is necessary to drive although another should be deployed to guard the doc
while the ambulance is en route. When you get to the doc then leave the
ambulance and let him drive. You should then adopt an escort role to see that he
gets to his destination successfully.
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SOLVED. Turns out there's a known bug on this level. if the doctor won't get into the ambulance.... well there's nothing you can do except restart the game. Keep playing until he does get in on his own. I played the level 15 times before he got in.......... If he gets in, the level is an easy one.
What else you can expect from a game heavily based on pixel to pixel precise layers of tiles? These awesome detailed maps come with a cost. It's not that uncommon that AI get's stuck only few pixels space before place where he or she can pass freely. In my case, he managed to drive to executive house but couldn't walk inside as he blocked himself close to entryway in column. Moving with crowd of persuaded civilans may help in these cases when AI pathing to objective fails. ;-)
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I actually had him come out the building, walk up to the car, and then walk AROUND it. --lol--

Maybe he's a lazy doctor, and sometimes just can't be bothered. :)
FWIW I when the Dr walked towards the ambulance but then wandered off and didnt get it, a quick burst of fire at him (not enough to kill obviously!) seemed to knock the AI into shape - he got into the ambulance and I was able to progress.
If anyone is still stuck, have an agent park the ambulance in the yellow 'crosswalk' outside the building he starts off in. Have your chase car positioned behind it and left click on the ambulance so you will follow it in your chase car.

1-Be careful not to run over your own agent as he gets out of the parked ambulance to get in into the chase car.

2-It's easier if you kill off all of the enemy before you go for the ambulance. You'll need a vehicle to go between the two sections of the map.