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Just wondering what level people normally set their taxes to if you are trying to maximise income. I think i'm too wussy since all my people are always very happy with me.
I dont recall ever changing it off the default which I beleive is 30%? Never really short of cash or happiness. Plus, not a big deal to have a region revolt, you just do the mission again so its easy to mess around with if your looking to min/max.
Well, they are on 40% and haven't revolted yet :P Anyway, it doesn't actually matter much if they DO revolt. Its good way to get tax money + more money to get better research and equipment. You could say that you could grind in this game if you would do that ;P(since missions will be still easy even if they have revolted)
Yeah, i've been varying betwen 35-50 to try and avoid revolts, but i guess it wouldn't be too bad if i got one anyway.
40-45% usually. I step them up if I really need quick cash for some upgrades.
I keep the tax around 30%, take it down a notch if they are growing restless. Played through the game without getting a single revolt.

You can make a lot of money early-ish on by picking up time bombs (before they blow up! ) that drop from enemy agents and selling them for 25k a pop.
The Long Range Rifle is also a very cheap, cost effective alternative to the super expensive Laser that remains useful for the majority of the missions in the game.
Also, skipping the V2 enhancements saves good money early on.
My general rule: If you found the mission easy and wouldn't mind doing it again when theres a revolt - set it to 100%. Otherwise if you disliked the mission or found it too long or whatever reason you don't want to replay it - leave it on 30% or even reduce it if you have plenty of money.