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I was having an issue with no video at all in full screen mode (switching to windowed mode helped - but I wanted full screen).
After reading this topic I was playing a bit with mentioned parameters and came to conclusion that this is somehow related to "aspect" parameter. When changed to "true" - problem dissapeared.

Hope this will help someone with similiar problem.
Post edited January 22, 2012 by Fishman
Thanks a lot, that solved my problem. I noted that when switching from full screen to windows, video would show so I knew that a simple query on GOG forum would solve the issue.
Unfortunately, although video and menu works fine, the game itself doesn't work this way... at least on my computer.
There has to be some way out other than windowed mode.. :/
Ok, I have found out that when parameter "output" in the [sdl] section is changed from default "surface" to "opengl" - everything works fine in full screen :)

This topic is based on Windows 7 64 bit, and Core i5 integrated graphic card. (Dell Latitude 5220)