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I can't see anything on here, but can anyone who's played the GoG release confirm if they have stripped out the multi player mode? The game's page lists it as being single player.
As mentioned before, GOGs version doesnt include American Revolt.
Ah, I didn't realize it was with American Revolt that they added multi play.
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Does anyone know what the multiplayer was like?
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The multiplayer is quite good, actually.

It's sorta deathmatch, but with being able to research, upgrade, earning money, ect, between games played.

There's police men to be aware of and pedestrians/cars walking/driving around. You use cars/trains to get around.

When you lose all of your 1-4 hitmen, you'll lose. Or win.

There's, I think, 1-8 levels to choice from, and you can play 1-8 players.

Not being able to see through buildnings is probably an issue, probably more so than singleplayer. But you'll might be able to accept that. You HAVE to use scanners!

It's relative easy enough to setup for multiplayer:

(*Engine port*. I hope they'll add multiplayer with camera rotation, partly transparent buildnings. If so, I'll be pretty sick.)

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