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Edit: forgot to note this is for Syndicate Wars lol

So I thought I should mention first that I can only really use OpenGL or OpenGLnb to run the game. I am playing on a 46 inch tv and any of the other options the actual screen space of the game is very small on settings other than OpenGL or OpenGLnb.

Everything functions fine on Normal2x Scaling engine but everything is extremely blurry and text is very hard to read as its all mashed together. I want to use 2xsai as it resembles the closest to what the game originally looked like on hardware the game was designed for. My problem with the other scaling engine modes is they cause the mouse to not work at all. I should also note changing mouse sensitivity setting does nothing either when the mouse inst working from the scaling engine setting.

Also I read if the game is running too fast, that you can push ctrl - f11 to decrease the speed, and ctrl - f12 to increase the speed in-game, is this true or do I need to modify files to slow down the emulation?
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