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I'm curious about how some missions suggest that rather than killing enemy agents yourself, you let them kill each other. But from what I've seen they've never attacked each other before. Has anyone seen this?

Also, in missions where you need to protect someone, the person is only ever in danger if he/she is close to your agents, since that's when they might get hit. I've found that if you just move far enough away from, the enemy agents will attack you and ignore whoever you are protecting. It seems to me the AI's made to only ever attack you. Cops never go for enemy agents with guns, for example.

Currently halfway through the game, I've been able to research everything and get the V3 armor so I went for the Atlantic mission as soon as it opened up just for fun. It was much easier than I remembered it. Using lasers and the panic mode my agents were unstoppable. I now wish that I'd kept from getting the better armor until that point. The game was as its most fun when it was more challenging.