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Okay, something weird happened. I am playing Syndicate Plus in windowed mode, and I alt/tab'd out of the window to go eat and do some stuff. I was on the menu screen when I did this. When I came back, I had a ton of money. Way more than I could have accumulated so far (I'm only on the 6th mission or so). Does the game keep running like this? Is this a sort of exploit you can do? Just leave the game running on the map screen and come back an hour or two later and have a ton of gold? Just wondering if I gamed the system here. Haha.
Yes, research and taxes are running according to internal in game clock, so leaving it open in the background will result in all of your research done and lots of taxes collected.
Can anyone clear up that this does or does not actually make the opposing syndicates develop their ressources on the same clock anyway?