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Hello there agents and corporations how have you been are those old cyborg parts still working still seeing things straight with your old sensoreyeballs form the old Syndicate or do you want some new implants from the satellite Reign ERa ..

Come to our unafficial Satellite Reign NeXuS Facebook page or go directly to our FAcebook Group

Page Link SR_NeXuS

Group Link SR_NeXuS FBgroup

Info about Satellite Reign Syndicate series ( Planning a Playthrough of Syndicate games original first .. Never played very much of the games But liked the setting and action and the futuristic theme ) .

and other info about cyberpunk games i come across will be posted and relaled posts other things around the net....

Have fun

Oh and a link to the new game

Warning Satellite Reign Backers(kickstarters or PAypal ) can login to the backer Forums

and oh the Satellite Reign Backer forums are up so if you backed you can log in to the SR site and go to the forums..then that forum will appear
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