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Is it possible to know a character's class mastery? The in-game manual mentions a CP bar, but has no pictures for guidance. The only evidence I have of CP is the plus sign next to a unit when it's ready for promotion. No intermediate progress indication, so no idea whether or not using CP Codex scrolls are worthwhile, or if I should keep units on the team longer, or chuck them in favor of pre-promoted units, or what. Not that this is the only important piece of information not displayed (all of which bothers me), but it does bother me even more that bars are mentioned in the manual, but aren't visible.

One of the wonderful things about running a Windows game in Wine is that you can never tell if something that should be there isn't (or if a game bug/deficiency is due to the game or Wine), at least without photographic evidence. One of the wonderful things about mu recent health issues is that I'm also rapidly going blind, so maybe I just missed it (in fact, I didn't even notice the plus sign at first; instead I just clicked on all units to see if I was able to promote them yet).

Edit: I found screenshots on other sites which indicate that there should be a 2nd bar below the XP bar, but that is not present for me. Why? Is it a bug in the gog release ("1.03 GOG"), or a bug related to wine, or an intentional change I'll never know.
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I'd like to second this post. On 1.03A GOG and while the game mentions CP and filling the gauge, I do not see one. Like the OP, I see screenshots on other sites showing a CP gauge under the XP gauge. Seeing as there are CP-increasing items, it's VERY useful to know the current CP value in order to make decisions on item usage.
This seems to have been fixed in 1.04.2. The CP bar is now below the XP bar, as it should be.