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Syberia 2 is even more beautiful than the first game and seems to have been given a better localization as well, but it maintains a lot of the flaws inherent in the original. There are still situations where the solution to a puzzle is completely outlandish or even worse, situations where you know what you need to do, but you struggle with the game's interface to make it happen.
And while the locations are more impressive than in the original Syberia, the story is less interesting because many of the mysteries presented in the first title were answered by the end, but the sequel doesn't add many twists of its own. The Disney-inspired villains and little mascot animal, the Youki, also seem at odds with the generally somber and faintly sad tone the first game worked so hard to convey. And like the first Syberia, the end comes very abruptly and offers little closure. Except this time, there isn't another game ready and waiting for you to continue the story.

You might want to take a look at that :)