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Syberia 2 continues the story in Syberia right where you leave off, pursuing the dream of finding the last living Mammoths on Earth. However, whereas the first was propelled along by energy that came from its mysterious set pieces and dream-like plot, the second seems to run out of steam by comparison. Gone are many of the sweeping vistas replaced by run-down towns and snowy fields. The game tries to pick up momentum by adding the feeling that the main character is being hunted, but this never really shows itself until the last part of the game, and by then it really makes no difference. Don't get me wrong, the game still features great voice acting, an intriguing plot and some interesting characters, including a half-seal, half-dog creature that I only wish were real, but the game still falls short of the mark set by the first. When the first one ended, I was begging for more, when the second ended, I was merely glad it was over.