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I finally have enough free time for more than a quick duel.

So if anyone is interested, I'm searching for player(s) for game(s) of SotS1,

starting as of now,

with the idea of have fun, but also to give feedback for the hypothetical "SotS1 HD edition" :

The exact game settings and how to stay in contact are to be determined,
main discussion on the Kerberos forums :

meanwhile you can also contact me via Steam :
(though I'd prefer we used something else than Steam for keeping in touch, I don't want this to turn into a Steam-only group (EDIT: for respect for the people that don't have a Steam account and/or a Steam version of the game))
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Would anyone be interested by a multiplayer game of Sword of the Stars 1 ?
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If you ever do, please post here! :
(I've made a Doodle poll so that we can see each other's availability : )
I know a bunch of people who play this in multiplayer, but they have the steam version.
Are the GOG/Steam versions compatible?
Does anyone know whether multiplayer works through wine?