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Hey all,

I was recently lucky enough to chat with Dege of DGVoodoo and brought up some windows 10 issues with the game - being the awesome lad he is, he actually went in and figured out where the compatibility issues were. I'll post what he let me know below:

"I checked it out and it seems to be the general problem plaguing other games as well for a lot of users (when hw mouse is emulated). It's not a cache issue but, for some reason, at certain levels in the game a lot of WM_SETCURSOR messages are posted to the game window proc that dgVoodoo hooks, and querying the cursor visibility is handled in a lame way."

He let me know that an update was dropped today for DGVoodoo that fixes the issue - and I gotta say, holy crap. It actually runs like butter now. Obviously there are some codec issues that still cause slowdown and last resort is a mod I'd recommend to run in tandem, but the mad lad actually did it. I'm unable to post links but right from Dege's main DGVoodoo2 downloads page, it'll be marked dgVoodoo v2.74.1.
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Looking forward to having time to test this out properly. Great stuff!