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Changelog for Patch 228184 (added 28 March 2018):

* OSX: Missing huge pieces of the interface on mac OS
* OSX: Orange blocky terrain on Windows + pre-GCN Radeons (5700, 5800, etc.)
* OSX: Corrupted terrain issues
* OSX: Tourists stay on Mars at least 10 sols
* OSX,Linux: Added OpenGL mods' shaders support
* Linux: Fixed an issue where text elements would flicker and display incorrectly
* Linux: Fixed occasional crash when loading save games
* Windows: Fixed white borders on some UI elements

* UI: Research dialog now scrollable with mouse wheel and camera controls, saves last position on close
* UI: Colonists with special traits are pinned to the menu bar, only when there are less than 100 colonists in the colony
* UI: Voice notification for Pipe leaks/Cable faults disabled for colonies with over 100 colonists
* UI: Tourist trait shown in Review Applicants UI
* UI: Fix for cancelation of change of display settings
* UI: Fix for senior colonists workplace display after the research of Forever Young tech
* UI: Fix for Automation Upgrade Icon (displayed inconsistently in Fungal Farms)
* UI: Fix for Custom anomaly icon disappearing from time to time
* UI: Martian University infopanel now does not show colonists which are not part of the workforce (senior, child, tourist, stressed, etc.)
* UI: Rockets have correct (default) skin on game start

* Gameplay: Fixed an issue where the Explorer Rover had the incorrect price, this is now lowered
* Gameplay: Removed exploit for endless export from the Space Elevator
* Gameplay: Refugees are now immune to Earthsick condition
* Gameplay: Vocation-Oriented Society tech performance bonus now works as intended
* Gameplay: Fix for drones not to be abandoned by RC Rover
* Gameplay: Fix for maximum drones allowed to work on trade rocket
* Gameplay: Resource stockpiles now properly marked as 1-hex large object - should fix drone behavior to move stockpiles adjacent to construction sites rather than underneath them
* Gameplay: RP cost of repeatable techs now increase after each research
* Gameplay: Alien Imprints tech effect reduced
* Gameplay: Fix for Fuel Extractor upgrade effect in the Concrete Extractor building (now 30% increase instead of 50%)
* Gameplay: Fix for stuck drones when picking up resources from destroyed farm
* Gameplay: Fix for resource count when interrupting drone after picking up resource cube from RC Transport
* Gameplay: Fix for RC Transport when changing skin while loading resources
* Gameplay: Fix to properly treat RC Transport as resource depot when adding new drone controller (Rover/Hub/Rocket) or changing active radius of drone controller
* Gameplay: Fix for Rocket take-off in some cases
* Gameplay: Fix for RP calculation to allow modifiers to have effect in cases of little RP production
* Gameplay: Workers properly select workplace based on their specialty
* Gameplay: Fix for workplace and training buildings requiring maintenance when turned off
* Gameplay: Easy start now always starts with a Mystery
* Gameplay: Scanning que increased
* Gameplay: Shielded combination of incompatible traits (e.g. Genius/Idiot combo)
* Gameplay: Biorobot gurus no longer create biorobots

* Visuals: Dome glass has correct self-illumination
* Visuals: Meteorite craters no longer appear over and next to objects
* Visuals: NVIDIA 1050s family now loads High setting preset
* Visuals: Fix for proper positioning of newborn child colonist at spawn
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Changelog for Spirit Update (added 04 April 2018):

Major Changes
* Science Institute renamed to Hawking Institute in tribute to Stephen Hawking
* Added Birth Control Policy in domes. You can now set births to allowed or forbidden (Ctrl + LMB sets birth control policy in all domes)
* Increased max zoom out distance
* Optimized the way colonists pick workplaces. Colonists should now pick the best workplace for their specialization correctly and much faster
* Added Reassign All button to drones which reassigns all drones from this commander or orphaned drones in the area
* Colonists will no longer try to walk kilometers on foot to resettle resulting in them dying from lack of oxygen
* Rover Command AI tech now removes the batteries of all rovers
* Added a keybinding (default: i) that hides/shows resource & anomaly icons on the map
* Rovers are more likely to effectively use tunnels
* Rovers pathfinding improved
* Added free camera option in Photo Mode

* Published most of the game code for reference purposes
* Added cheats menu to mod editor
* Mod editor now loads a map with a prebuilt colony
* Enabled a Lua console on the mod editing map
* Localization tables from mods can now localize the main menu
* Mod documentation fixes
* Allowed renaming of mods
* Added support for PNG files in mod cover images
* Easier way of adding technologies, research points and applicants from mission sponsor and commander profile mods
* UI modding: templates
* Infopanel modding: all templates in groups InfopanelHeader and InfopanelContent
* Added list of technologies to documentation
* Added autoattaches and night lighting objects to modding documentation

* Extended the range rovers need to be in to recharge from cables. The RC Transport looks for cables in the start and ending point of transport routes automatically
* Lowered the chance for idiot flaw to appear in the colony and applicant pool
* Space Rehabilitation tech removes flaws before newly arrived colonists decide in which dome to settle
* Fixed an issue where shuttles could fail to pick up a colonist for resettlement
* Fixed an issue where some buildings connected to a very large power network failed to get power
* Reserved residence slots are released if the colonist can't reach the dome during resettlement
* Salvaging a rocket without its cargo unloaded should no longer leads to stuck drones
* Colonists that fail to reach a dome won't constantly try to reach it again and again
* Dome Streamlining tech now affects the Geoscape Dome
* Construction Nanites no longer construct sites that are turned off
* Renegades and rogue drones no longer target construction sites
* Superconducting Computing now provides less research points
* General Training tech now has flavor text
* Fuel Refinery now has the Factory AI upgrade
* Colonists are now immune to Earthsick when playing with IMM sponsor
* Colonists no longer reserve residential slots in faraway domes if shuttle hubs are not operational (e.g. during a dust storm)
* Triboelectric Scrubber no longer scrubs buildings inside domes
* Colonists can now be manually assigned to training (School, University, Sanatorium)
* It is no longer possible to select the same trait multiple times in Schools
* Construction of building upgrades is now serviced by more drones
* Fixed a bug with calculations of modifiers and small amounts of research points
* Fixed an exploit that allowed the construction of buildings via keybindings without the necessary tech
* Fixes for the mystery log of the Spheres mystery
* Fixed an issue which caused colonists to eat less food. Boosted production of farms slightly to compensate for the increased consumption.

* “Research complete” notification now shows the tech description in question on rollover
* Added option to rename buildings
* Shuttle Hub now shows information about shuttle load across the colony
* Botanists & Geologists have new icons
* Changed dome quarantine button to Immigration Policy control
* Merged the Assign Workplace, Assign Residence buttons for colonists into a single button Assign to Building
* Added an indicator which traits are selected in schools and sanatoriums when selecting traits
* Keybindings for rover commands now work correctly
* Fungal Farm Automation upgrade now uses correct icon
* Allowed rebinding of camera zoom in/out and camera tilt keybindings
* Seniors are no longer considered outside the workforce after researching Forever Young
* Drone workload information added to RC Rover
* Fixed a bug where rocket fuel was not displayed in certain cases
* Rocket pins no longer blink ready during dust storms
* Selecting a building while the build menu is open no longer causes the building's AOE visuals to break
* Hints for game speed, camera controls and orbital probes now display bound keys correctly
* Added an error message when trying to overwrite a save during upload to cloud
* Added confirmation prompt when closing the Filter UI
* Exports notification now shows accumulated funding if multiple rockets arrive on Earth consecutively
* Added salvage button to the info panel of pipes, valves and switches
* Excess fuel caused by Advanced Martian Engines is now unloaded from rockets before take off
* Daily Production changed to Production per Sol; hourly production changed to production
* Renamed a control hint to Queue on top in the research UI
* Added new icons for Construct Drone and Dismantle Drone button
* Vacant residential slots text in domes no longer includes slots from nurseries
* Officers are no longer called security in filter UI
* Cargo rocket UI now shows the number of resources in the colony on rollover of a given resource
* Depots resource icon is no longer mirrored
* Colonists can no longer be manually assigned while they are in the process of resettling
* Autonomous Drone Hubs and Sensor Towers no longer display an empty power consumption section in their info panel
* Implemented tutorial hint for building upgrades
* Updated credits

* Domes no longer get constantly dusted. Only domes that are turned off or not working are dusted.
* Children now play around in the school (visualization only)
* Fixed some issues in the trajectory of shuttles
* Glass decals are removed when the dome is destroyed
* Domes no longer leave grass behind when destroyed
* Recharge stations no longer turn their light off when a drone visits them
* More precise slider for time of day in Photo Mode
* All adult colonists now have the same walking speed
* Cargo shuttles return to the hub when it's being destroyed
* Increased number of lights at night
* Photo Mode night lights of building match ingame lights
* Photo Mode particle effects fixed
* Various performance optimizations
* Various stability improvements
* Various sound FX tweaks
* CO2 geysers only erupt sporadically, as intended
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Changelog for Patch 228.722 (added 09 April 2018):

* Fixed an issue where sometimes after Dust Storms, rockets won't be able to launch from Mars
* Fixed an issue with some buildings not getting any workers
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Changelog for 228.722 Hotfix (added 10 April 2018):

* Fixed an issue where rockets sometimes would not take off on older save games
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Opportunity changelog (25. Apr.)

New Features and Buildings:

You are now able to connect your domes together by constructing Passages. These transportation tunnels allows colonists
to move freely into adjacent domes and utilizing the workplaces and services available there.
- If one Dome has no power, oxygen or water for over a Sol, all passages leading to it are disabled until the problem is
resolved. This will cause workers being fired from their workplaces as if the passage has been destroyed.
- These passages are fragile, and your Colonists may die if hit by a meteor while in the Passage
New Buildings & Related Changes
- New high-end automated storage building which can take over 4,000 units of separate resource is available for your
- Added 3 new workshop buildings. Workshops allow colonists to work their vocation providing more employment for the late
- A new Landing pad makes sure the Rocket lands at the designated spot and eliminates the dusting effect of the
surrounding structures
- A new Large Water Tank, storing up to 1,000 units of Water is available to suit the needs of your developing colony
- Added new Milestone related to workshop buildings to reflect achieving post-scarcity vocation-oriented society
- Added new Technologies, which allow construction of Workshops, Automated Storage and Large Water Tank

Game Rules
You can now choose brand new options during game setup to activate additional rule-sets for the mission that will impact the
difficulty, making the mission easier or harder.

Available Game Rules:
- Prefab Colony: Begin with free prefabs for all buildings necessary for a small colony.
- No Disasters: Disables all disasters (excluding those coming from mysteries).
- Hunger: Can't import food from Earth.
- Inflation: Import prices increase over time.
- Long Ride: Rocket travel time to and from Mars is three times longer.
- The Last Ark: Can call a Passenger Rocket only once.
- Amateurs: No specialist applicants.
- Rebel Yell: Colonists periodically become renegades. Crime is more severe.
- Chaos Theory: Tech fields are fully randomized.
- Winter is coming: Cold Wave rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars. Cold waves increase power
consumption even more.
- Armageddon: Meteor rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars.
- Dust in the Wind: Dust Storm rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars.
- Twister: Dust Devil rating set to a new Max level for all locations on Mars.
Other fixes and improvements:

- Added upgrades to the Mohole Mine and the Excavator to increase production

- 3 new notifications: for busy drone hubs, busy shuttle hubs, out of fuel shuttle hubs
- Better alignment for traits in school
- Added on-screen notification for split Power/Life support networks (by player actions or meteorites)
- Colonists with special traits, coming from a rocket, will no longer be pinned for colonies with over 100 colonists
- Fixed overlapping of deposits (from random map generation and anomalies)
- Storages and Depots are divided in subcategories of the Build Menu
- " Milestone failed" message alignment fix

General Fixes:
- Fixed air producers (wrong) production in some cases
- Fixed calculation of challenge bonus in milestones
- Fixed Triboelectric Scrubber not rotating after first clean
- Fixed TOS to no longer reappear when changing language
- Fixed a bug where more than the maximum number of colonists in a Dome can have homes and/or work
- Fixed an issue with unemployed statistics in Dome not updated when moving a Colonist
- Fixed a bug where turned off/malfunctioned supply storages (incl. Batteries) would reconnect to grid after modifying any of their storage props
- Fixed upside-down positioning of shuttles
- Fixed an issue where colonists became starving from eating uncooked meals
- Androids now have no initial specialization
- Marsgate Mystery: Fixed Rover Command AI tech to not affects hostile rovers
- Marsgate Mystery: Fixes for hostile rovers to prevent them from salvage after battery drain
- Fix for Autonomous sensors to not show "outside drone control" icon after Autonomous Sensors tech is researched if sensors are build prior research completion
- Beyond Earth Mystery: Fix for saves swarmed by trade rockets, causing infinite loop from pinned rockets
- Fixes on Polymer Factory production (now depends on its workers)
- Fix for some edge cases of automated routes for Transport Rover
- Fix for chance for crime prevention (capped at 50% when Security Officers outnumber renegades 3 to 1)
- Fix for Waste Rock production to now properly depend on the grade of Concrete, Metals and Rare Metals deposit used
- Fix for colonists and drones to stop going through Spires
- Improved estimation of the load of the drone controllers (Hub, Rover, Rocket)
- Buildings are now considered to be in dome range if one of their hexes is inside dome range
- Updated University description
- Clarified immigration policy texts
- Various performance optimizations
- Various stability improvements
- Various sound FX tweaks

- Documentation for Effects - building blocks for Mission Sponsor, Commander Profile and Game Rule mod items
- Added "GlobalEffects" mod item
- Default mod preview image format is set to PNG
- Kept backward compatibility with mods that use the old tags system
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Changelog for Curiosity update (added 31 May 2018):

New Features:
* Five-part Tutorial - Comprehensive tutorial separated into five thematic sections, introducing the core gameplay concepts in the different stages of Surviving Mars.
* New Domes - Curiosity introduces five new Dome types. These are entirely new models with new shapes, functionality and costs. With one exception, they do not require new techs to be researched. The smallest domes do not allow Spire construction
* Infobar – Provides general overview of all the resources of the colony, including research progress
* Command Center - The Command Center is a handy new UI toolset that provides historical data for the colony and the ability to inspect and manage multiple buildings, colonists or vehicles without selecting them individually. It has been developed as part of our effort to reduce the micromanagement and to provide a more informative overview interface for certain gameplay aspects. The Command Center currently offers five different tools: Graphs, Buildings, Domes, Colonists, and Transportation.

Important changes and fixes:
* New Game Rule: Endless Supply \- the first Universal Depot you place will automatically fill with resources each Sol.
* Removed Request maintenance button and related functionality
* Vehicle pin icons now indicate battery level
* Added Home dome to colonists infopanel
* Updated Mouse pointer/cursor texts for Rovers, drones, and colonists
* Added rollover about colonists to Resource Overview
* Added stored food in service buildings to Resource Overview
* Added ticks to completed mysteries in pre-game menu
* Clicking on the HUD pause button toggles between pause and last used game speed
* More detailed cursor messages when trying (and failing) to place passages and ramps
* Fix for Reassign all button to no longer reassign uncontrollable drones (dead, disabled, embarked, rogue)
* Added new photo mode filter, Orton \- dreamy and saturated
* Added frame rate cap in options
* Fix for reborn colonists (Project Phoenix) to keep their traits, including their specialization
* Fix for biorobots specialization to allow college education
* Ctrl-click on drone prefab buttons converts five drones at a time
* Fix for colonists to properly select new home when current residence is turned off
* Fix for Psychologist commander profile to properly provide 5 Sanity boost
* Added Simplified Chinese language

Other changes and fixes:
* GDPR-related changes to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and in case you have been living on another planet the past two weeks, it is related to the mandatory EU regulation of the same name.
* Fix for Research UI to shield scrolling instead of pressing Outsource or Close buttons
* Controller: Workslot rollover now properly updates after firing a colonist
* Controller: Fix to go back in the Encyclopedia hints section with the back button
* Controller: In-game menu now handles safe area margins better
* Photo mode: Hide UI fix
* Fix for Rover infopanel to hide battery when Rover Command AI tech is researched

* Added check to avoid spawning an anomaly inside dome
* Black Cubes: Fix for some remaining single Black Cubes, now properly collected
* Spheres: Fix for wrong positioning of sound sources when Spheres make cold areas

Passages and related issues:
* Fix for Passages and Ramps to return resources when demolished
* Tweaks to job selection logic in the presence of Passages
* Updated dome warning/error messages to work better in the presence of passages
* Fix for Passages to light up only if at least one of the connected domes has power
* Fix for a bug where colonists became suspended in the air and walk in place

* Added Building Entrance Path to entities
* Documentation fixes and additional details
* Removed obsolete texture channels from Blender exporter

General fixes:
* Fix for proper calculation of Sponsor effects in launch UI
* Fixed certain cases of stuck drones, coming from reporting unreachable destinations
* Colonists can no longer eat from Rockets
* Colonists now wear space suits when exiting Rockets in all cases
* Pathfinding: fixed a bug where passage entrance/exit may be inaccessible
* Fix for missing palette when changing skins during dome placement
* Fix to prevent rovers from going into another rover that is uncontrollable (e.g. broken)
* Fix for Automated mode rockets to wait their inbound cargo to be fully unloaded before taking off
* Fix for Rockets takeoff, happening without refuel
* Fix for proper demolishing of Automated Depots
* Self-maintenance buildings are excluded from maintenance resource overview calculation (caused negative values)
* Drone controller load notification now displayed only for working Drone controllers
* Fix for in-dome sounds to be more prominent when in-dome or when a dome is selected
* Fix for resources not displayed on the construction depot when placing a building on a pile of resources
* Fix for Triboelectric Scrubber to stop resetting its cleaning cycle every time it is selected
* Fix for a pathfinder bug leading to drones stuck near dome entrances
* Fix for better handling of unreachable buildings by drones
* Drone reassignment and packing/unpacking streamlined; added to RC Rovers and their infopanels
* Malfunctioned and dead rovers block other units' movement
* Fix for anomalies and surface deposits which blocked constructions around them in a too wide radius
* Fix for assigning of workplace/residence with right-click
* Fix for colonists to stop going outside domes when food depots are empty
* Fix for drones getting stuck in Rockets in some rare circumstances (yet again)
* Fix for flickering elements of construction hex grid
* Fix for meteor cycle button notification
* Fix for the negative resource amounts in depots
* Fix for a water production bug happening when upgrading a Water Extractor with Fueled Extractors
* Fix for proper effect of Storage Compression tech for water tanks
* Numerous fixes for to RC Transport right-click actions
* Fix for negative water consumption of farms in certain cases
* Fix for Dome working state leading to x icon on Dome pin
* Fix for yellow grid appearing under domes
* Fix for Rocket alignment when landing
* Fixed a Rocket launch condition which led to take off in automated mode during dust storms
* Fix for misaligned cranes when rotating mechanized storage depots
* Fix for a non-refreshing infopanel re. electricity
* Clicking the Hints button now opens the Encyclopedia on the last dismissed hint
* Fix for colonists to look for workplace considering specialist filtering
* Gamepad: Invert look option now properly applies to zooming in and out
* Fixed scaling of Space Elevator rope
* Fixed missing launcher icon on some Linux installations
* Fix for mod radio stations to work properly on some Linux installations
* Fixed double click on Linux
* General performance improvements
* Sound fixes and improvements
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Changelog for Curiosity Hotfix 3 (added 21 June 2018):

* no longer submitting Steam/GOG user IDs to our Mantis
* stability fixes
* submit game difficulty to telemetry
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Changelog for DaVinci Update (added 06 August 2018):

New Feature - Creative Mode
* Creative Mode features a set of new game rules that allow you to enjoy a simpler playthrough with endless resources and everything unlocked. Added a Creative Mode option in the main menu which has these game rules on by default.
* Easy Maintenance - Buildings don't malfunction due to lack of maintenance
* Easy Research - Start with additional 3000 Research per Sol and all base techs revealed
* Fast Rockets - Rockets travel ten times faster
* Fast Scanning - Sector scanning is ten times faster
* Free Construction - Buildings don't require resources to be constructed (they still have construction time)
* Iron Colonists - Colonists can't lose Health or Sanity below 50 and they cannot become Earthsick
* More Applicants - 500 additional applicants
* Overfunded - Start with $100,000 M Funding
* Some of the new rules disable all Achievements.

New Feature – Desired Amount in depots & storages
* You can now set a desired amount in storages and depots. Drones will try to keep at least the desired amount of resources in depots and storages taking resources from other storages if need be.
* New UI – reworked the UI of depots and storages to allow the enabling/disabling of resources in depots more easily. The player can also enable/disable resources in all depots of the same type via Ctrl + Click

Changes to Power Networks
* Adjacent power producers & consumers will now connect to each other without the need for a cable.

New Feature – Follow Camera for vehicles and colonists
* Follow camera is activated from the selected unit infopanel. Follow camera removes all UI until deactivated.

Balance Changes
* Reworked default initial rocket cargo for all sponsors to include a Stirling Generator prefab and more drones to allow for faster starts
* Reduced the construction cost of many buildings to reduce the amount of resources being carried by drones and improve game pacing
* Increased speed of drones by 20%, techs that increase speed of drones have their effects slightly reduced
* Drone battery capacity increased to reduce how often drones need to recharge. Initial battery of drones randomized to avoid having all drones run out of battery at the same time
* Reduced fuel needed to refuel a rocket to 50 (30 with tech). Paradox sponsor is down to 80(60 with tech)
* Shuttles require less fuel to operate
* Reworked applicant generation so the starting pool of applicants is of greater importance. Sponsors with larger starting pools will continue to have more applicants down the line.
* Increased the effects of the Celebrity and Genius trait but they now have requirements – Genius colonists will grant research points if their Sanity is high (in the green); Celebrity will grant funding if their comfort is high (in the green).
* Electronics Factory now requires maintenance of 2 Machine Parts instead of 3 Electronics
* Increased power consumption of Polymer Plant & Electronics Factory to 10
* Reduced maintenance of Smart homes
* Outsourcing is now limited to five orders at one time
* Tourist trait has been reworked - it now grants 10M funding when the colonist arrives. The tourist stays for 5 Sols and then leaves (on the next rocket to Earth). When the tourist leaves Mars they generate 2 new tourist applicants.
* Working medical buildings provide birth rate boost bonus for the next 24 hours.
* Added new commander profile: City Mayor – 2,000 M additional starting Funding; buildings require upkeep less often; bonus tech: Mars Nouveau (building costs in Metals & Concrete are reduced by 20%).
* Added new game rule – Increased Production – base production of all resources is doubled
* Endless Supply game rule now lowers difficulty by 200 (instead of 25)
* Chaos Theory game rule now lowers difficulty by 50 instead of increasing it

Changes to Disasters
* Cable faults and Pipe leaks now happen only during dust storms or as a result of dust devils and meteor strikes. Their effect has been increased but the repair time is much quicker.
* A popup message describes the effects of disasters the first time they trigger in each playthrough
* Solar Panels are now disabled during Dust Storms and automatically close down
* Buildings left without power during a Cold Wave now freeze 3 times slower (after 24 hours, was 8 hours)
* Health and Sanity damage, suffocation, dehydration, and freezing effects from disasters are now randomized– colonists will now die or have a sanity breakdown gradually during an emergency rather than all at the same time when time runs out.
* Lightning Strikes during Electrostatic Dust Storms have been fixed and will now disable buildings for 24 hours rather than 4 hours. They will also drain power accumulators they hit.

General Fixes
* Added new construction colorization of building placement cursor - orange - to indicate possible placement of a building outside drone controller range
* Autosave Count and Interval settings added in Options > Gameplay
* Buildings inside a Dome are turned off when the Dome is turned off
* Colonists can now eat from stockpiles in connected domes when starving
* Night shift Sanity loss introduced for training buildings
* Fix for passages not returning resources when salvaged
* Terrain is properly restored after demolishing a Geoscape Dome
* The Stirling Generator will no longer take more dust than intended
* Funding is now properly modified by global modifiers
* Large Water Tank now freezes and defrosts for the same time as the basic water tank
* Constructions in Domes are no longer affected by cold areas
* Fixed the Renegades counter in Infobar
* Supply grid now properly reconnects through a Passage
* Fixed unintended disabling of some buildings by Ion storms

* GDPR notice removed. Rejoice!
* Fixed various scrolling problems. UIs are now scrollable instead of using pages
* Added new keybindings for tilting the camera up and down - F, G
* Clicking on icons in the Info Bar now cycles through stored resources, free jobs, free residences, unemployed and homeless Colonists
* Wind Turbine production boost during Dust Storms is now indicated in the info panel
* Command Center graphs timely update
* Renegade morale no longer visible in Command Center
* Trait selection in Schools fixed
* Yellow decals no longer remain stuck on the martian surface
* Added Low Storage notifications and removed duplicate other notifications
* Domes without Life Support notification replaces separate notifications about dome problems
* Added list of problematic buildings as rollover of the Buildings not working notification
* Added guidelines to hex grid
* All ground vehicles are collectively called Rovers. The old RC Rover is now named RC Commander
* Changed displaying of Collaboration loss in Research buildings
* Power percentage is no more visible for pinned Rovers after Rover Command AI gets researched
* Fixed Ctrl+click not setting desired specialization in all Martian Universities
* Added resource conversion ratio in the infopanels of Factories
* Added Queue first option in the Sector scanning queue
* Added Disabled residential slots stat in the Info Bar
* The Info Bar now lists the different sources of Funding for the last Sol and how much Funding was gained from them
* Added space communism

* Added Radio Station ModItem and related documentation
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Changelog for Sagan Update (added 26 September 2018):

New Feature: Challenges
* Challenges are a new game mode where you have to accomplish a specific objective within a time limit. Mission parameters, game rules and colony coordinates are predetermined and unique for each challenge. A total of 24 challenges are now available.

Self-sufficient Rovers
* Rovers no longer have batteries and there’s no need to recharge roves from Power cables. We reevaluated this mechanic and decided that the amount of micromanagement it required was more tedious than actually presenting a meaningful challenge. We are removing it as part of our initiative to reduce the unnecessary micromanagement in the game and allow the player to focus on more important tasks.

Rover Command AI tech now enables automated mode for Explorers and Transports

Changes to Concrete Deposits
* We have reworked the Concrete Extractor to work more in line with other extractors. Concrete Extractors have to be placed in the vicinity of the concrete deposit marker and no longer take into account the specific patch of terrain they cover. This way concrete deposits can be fully exploited even with a single extractor.

Changes to Maps
* Due to the changes in concrete deposits, as well as other fixes to the random map generator, all maps have been generated again and will look different than previous versions. Environmental variety of maps has been improved.

Changes to Research
* The randomization of research (both order of techs in the research tree and breakthroughs discovered from anomalies) is now tied to the random seed of the individual map. This means that techs are always the same on the same map but different between different maps. This change allows players to compete for score on even terms on the same map coordinates and to have the same experience with techs when attempting Challenges.

Changes to Messages
* Popup messages will now arrive first as blinking notifications, which will pop up after some time has passed. This way popups will not interrupt your current actions like placing or managing buildings. Some important messages will still pop up without a notification.

Controller Support for the Infobar
* Resource Overview buttons are removed from the HUD for both mouse and controller interfaces. The Infobar can now be navigated using controller. Rollover highlights have been added to the Infobar in the controller version of the UI.

Balance Changes
* Reduced Mega Trigon Dome construction and maintenance costs
* Trigon Dome now requires Polymers for maintenance
* Dust generated from Building and Rocket sources has been increased

General Fixes and Improvements
* Crystals in “The Philosopher’s Stone” mystery should now work properly
* Resource deposit markers are now aligned to the building grid
* Increased the range in which the Transport Rover looks for Transport Route resources to 25 hexes
* Fixed the sound effect of the Artificial Sun
* Rockets no longer require cargo to be launched towards Mars
* Meteor Storm epicentre now moves during the disaster
* Improved Pipe placement logic, related warnings and cost predictions
* Price of Pipe segments placed over non-buildable or rough terrain is now properly calculated
* Landing Pads are no longer being suspended by disasters
* Deep scanning progress for sectors is now properly reset after surface scanning
* Sub-surface Heater & Mohole Mine are now protected from freezing
* Endless Supply game rule now disables achievements
* Fixed the game not launching on some Linux distributions
* General performance improvements

UI fixes and improvements:
* Dust radii of Extractors and Rockets are now shown on placement and selection
* New auto pin settings in Options > Gameplay, that allow customization of pinned objects
* Key-bindings now properly appear in rollover hints
* Added key-bindings for passages and passage ramps
* Added warning sign over buildings that lack input resources
* Settings for Photo mode are now properly saved
* Added Reset button to Photo mode
* Fix for Photo Mode, which removes black artefacts appearing on some buildings
* Fix for the Build Menu shortcut to work as a toggle button instead of only opening the build menu
* Various encyclopedia texts have been updated to reflect Sagan changes
* Added description text for Health lost due to the Infected trait
* Reworked the early warning notification for disasters to be more informative
high rated
Changelog for Sagan RC3 update (added 01 October 2018):

* fixed a few minor performance issues
high rated
Changelog for Gagarin Update (added 15 November 2018):

New Features:
* New UI – The user interface of Surviving Mars has been completely updated to a new visual style
* Sponsor Goals - Each sponsor now provides a set of five unique goals. Completing those goals awards various rewards – from Funding and Applicants to free prefabs of Domes and even free Rockets.
* The five goals have varying difficulty and can push you to play in a specific direction if you want to get their reward quickly. The more difficult sponsors have tougher goals which sometimes even have a time limit.
* Sponsor goals are an improvement and an overhaul of the current Mission Evaluation mechanic which is retired with the update.
* Events – Events are story elements that depict different situations arising in the colony and will play out randomly as your colony grows. Sometimes there will be difficult decisions to make, and sometimes your choice of Commander Profile and Mission Sponsor will affect the decision options you have.
* There are more than a hundred Event chains, each telling a different story of life on Mars, with more than 250 individual Events. Perhaps a Dust Storm caused a major malfunction in a Fusion Reactor, or a Renegade sabotaged the launch of a Rocket returning to Earth... Once in a while it’s just interesting to see how people may relax and have fun on the red planet.
* Planetary Anomalies and Expeditions – Martian Anomalies are no longer found only in your sector – now you can discover them all over the planet. To analyze such a planetary anomaly, you will need to send a rocket to its coordinates on Mars. You will also need Drones, Rovers or Colonists for the expedition. Planetary Anomalies can yield research points, new Techs and Breakthroughs as well as resources and offer bigger rewards than Anomalies in the immediate vicinity of your colony.
* Supply Pods - You may need an urgent delivery from Earth every now and then, and your rockets can be on the far side of Mars now. Supply Pods are one-use delivery space vehicles that can transport a limited payload from Earth. They are faster than Rockets and can land in any conditions, even during Dust Storms, but incur $100 M extra cost on launch. Also, they can be salvaged after crash-landing.
* New Points of Interest in your sector – new Research site and Vista locations can be now discovered in your sector map. They boost comfort and research (respectively) in nearby buildings and domes; they are revealed when a sector is scanned; those locations are randomly placed but depend on visible terrain features
* Sponsor Logos – a set of new sponsor logos, based on the national flags of the sponsors

Important changes:
* Completed Milestones now grant Research Points as reward
* Added a new building - Waste Rock Processor - unlocked by Waste Rock Liquefaction tech
* Unused research points now go to the cheapest tech if no assigned research exists
* Shuttles can transport waste rock
* Updated sensor tower infopanel UI to include information about working units and disaster early warning
* Added ability to enable/disable shuttle service for storage depots
* Black Cubes Mystery: Black cubes can no longer destroy passages or appear over deposits
* Buildings locked behind technologies will now list the tech field and name in their description
* Added new functionality to Shuttle Hub - switch transportation modes between people, cargo, and everything
* Removed Fuelled Extractor's upgrade from Concrete Plants
* Wildfire Mystery: fix for long-term consequences of not researching the Cure
* Mission Evaluation removed (replaced by Sponsor goals)

Other fixes:
* Fix for factories to update Production per sol in real time
* Fix for Charge hint for RC Generator (fixed both description and controller shortcut)
* Fix for closed solar panels to not accumulate dust
* Fix for the timer of completed challenges - in-game
* Fix for RC Transport route creation when using overview map
* Fixes for manual control over a Drone for cable/pipe construction, RC Transport unloading, construction site clearance
* Fix for misleading text for pause/unpause
* Fix for game freeze when packing numerous drones over short period of time
* Fix for colonists migration and job allocation between connected domes - colonists now check if working in connected domes is forbidden when searching for a new dome
* Fix for load/unload functionality of RC Transport
* Fix for construction process to properly clear construction site when construction is on the edge of construction range
* Fix for occasional overlap of buildings
* Fix for passage placement to limit some invalid passage positions
* Fix for cable placement when outside of drone hub range, which shows cable lines in unbuildable places
* Fix for auto-pin option for exceptional colonists
* Fixed controller button info when using rename feature
* Fix for Crystals in Philosopher's stone mystery, to no longer spawn with a dome base
* Fix for Waste Rock Processor model, now does not intersect with pipes
* Fix for metal deposits placement to avoid inaccessible locations
* Fix for rocket launch failing because of disembarking transport
* Fix to keep new deposit positions fixed to map seed
* Living Quarters renamed to Living Complex to reflect building sizes naming convention
* Fix to remove concrete terrain once a concrete deposit has been depleted
* Fix to prevent drones being assigned to destroyed commanders
* Fix for drones idle movement while waiting to recharge
* Fix for Research screen tooltip to update cost for repeatable techs in queue
* Fix to allow sending an empty passenger rocket from Earth (also added a warning)
* Added on-screen notification for destroyed buildings
* Updated upgrade rollover text to show available resources
* Fix for scaling of particle of anomaly scanning
* Fix for construction rover to properly utilize/deal with resources on construction site
* Fix for loss of control when performing quick actions in the build menu with a controller
* Fix for Dome infopanel to better communicate comfort issues
* Fix for follow-up camera when units disappear
* Fix for setting traits in School/Sanatorium
* Fix for pathfinder, reported as automated rover not responding
* Removed old mission evaluation system and related notifications when loading pre-Gagarin saves
* Tutorial 3: added shield against player spending all money and unable to continue a tutorial step
* Various performance optimizations
* [OSX] Fix for window resize and occasional crash after using Command+Tab
* [Linux] Fix for switch between Full screen and Windowed mode
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Changelog for Gagarin Patch v3 (added 30 November 2018):

* Numerous fixes for stuck rockets in events
* Morning Star texts changed to reflect double rewards
* Scripting fixes for the following events:
* Power Surge
* Geo Life
* The Incident
* Armageddon
* The Stowaway
* Prototype
* Frozen Batteries
* Shocky
* Investment Opportunity
* Food Fight
* Hello Darkness
* Rain Man
* Street King
* Rocket Launch Failed
* The Door to Summer
* Experimental Rocket
* Martian Vice
* Oasis
* Red Mars
* Fix for Biorobots from Singularity event to look Biorobot, and to properly update infopanel and pin icons (now compliant with Asimov's Third Law of Robotics)
* Fix to affect Mega Mall by all food-related effects in event choices
* Fix for camera position in Flat Mars event
* Fix for Expedition Rockets in events to arrive with the correct resource amount as cargo

Rival negotiations & Trade:
* Trade Rockets from Rival colonies now auto-land on their assigned Trade Pads
* Fix for Covert ops action to be available when no rocket is sent
* Added delay between closing of expired trade route and opening of a new one
* Activating On Screen notification for new Trade Route now opens contacts screen on Planetary View
* Trade pad logic improved, Trade offers are now more frequent (visible in Trade Pad Infopanel)
* Trade Pad will now protects nearby buildings from dust
* Toggling between Landing Pad and Trade Pad now keeps the pinned state of the building
* Fix to prevent loss of fuel when expedition rocket is cancelled
* Fix for stuck Trade Rockets following disabling of export of Rare Metals
* Fix for Trade Rocket not returning from Rival colony

Planetary View:
* Rocket list implemented in the new UI style
* Fix for UI visual glitch when (Adjust items positions)
* Fix for cursor behaviour when using controller
* Fix to exclude Supply Pods from Available Rockets count
* Fix for proper ordering of passenger selection list

* Fix for crash when placing black cube depots
* Fix for crash after dome fracture, caused by infinite loop in panic logic
* Fix for crash when landing a Rocket from save/load due to leaked particles
* Fix for game freeze in Tutorial 3 on placement of Power Accumulator
* Fix to prevent selection of the wrong solar panel in Tutorial 3
* Black Cubes Depot placement is now instant, as with other depots
* Fixes for orphaned drones when Expedition rocket launches
* Fix to stop dust accumulation for drones in Rockets and Rovers
* Removed code that wrongly disables the space elevator button in the resupply screen
* Fix to change cursor to indicate rover interaction with anomaly when in overview mode
* Fix for proper clean-up of destroyed rockets
* Added a property to ignore files when uploading a mod (by modders request)
* Fix for size of newsfeed in pre-game menu
* Fix for scrolling with controller in Command Center UI
* Fix for proper positioning of rollover in the Flaw filter section
* Added filtering of colonists by interests in Command Center UI
* Fix for sorting of approved applicants on filter update
* Destroyed Drones notification is renamed to Destroyed Vehicles and counts both destroyed drones and destroyed rovers
* Fix for stuck colonists, reported by players
* Fix to prevent incorrect rebuild of pipes/cables when multiple buildings are destroyed at the same time, or when meteors destroy connected buildings
* Fix for Geoscape dome to display working range
* Fix for Brazil Sponsor Goal Export 60 Rare Metals
* Added new names for Martianborn colonists
* Assigning drones to a rocket in flight is no longer be possible
* Removed Priority and On/Off buttons of Open Air Gym and Tai Chi Garden infopanels
* Changes to autosave frequency are now applied directly, instead of after the current interval
* Fix to prevent children to spend all their lives in the Mega Mall
* Fix to allow homeless colonists to leave the Mega Mall
* Research output from all research buildings in the Research UI is now displayed as a single value
* Fix to prevent cutting of center - aligned texts
* Fix for proper display of harvested terrain texture
* Fix for correct counting of tech Sponsor goals
* Fix to properly identify Sponsor Logos as free content
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^ Here is a bit more updated version of the Gagarin Patch v3 changelog.
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Changelog for Kuiper Patch (added 14 December 2018):

* Added videos in Hint messages
* Added videos in Hints section of the Encyclopedia
* Changed text alignment in Hint messages
* Fix for Hint messages getting restarted when the selected object changes
* Fix for screen remaining blurred in some cases
* Fix for Black Cubes destroying passages
* Fix for Find Water Milestone not being completed in some cases when Water is found
* Fix for Amplify upgrade of Rare Metals Refinery to properly increase production per day
* Fix for Waste Rock Dumps becoming irresponsive after loading of old savegames
* Fix for Triboelectric Scrubber no more cleaning stuff after change of its range

* Fix for RB/LB control of sliders in infopanels
* Fix for unnecessary selection of Basic Resources and Advance Resources rows in depots' infopanel

Fixes in the following events
* Fix for event-related techs missing in the absence of Space Race
* Long Winter
* Dust Sickness
* Power Surge
* Broken Dome
* Frozen Batteries
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Changelog for Tereshkova Patch (added 20 January 2019):

New Features:
* New Mod Manager UI, enabling mods to be accessible on Xbox One and GOG/PDX PC versions

General Fixes:
* Fix for Project Phoenix to not copy specialization traits
* Fix for endless Dust Storm effect on buildings related to the Long Winter event
* Fix for stuck maintenance requests for buildings
* Fix for missing Dome range for outside workplaces

* Updated documentation
* Added Sample Story Bit
* Fix for custom pinned icons to be properly displayed