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I just downloaded the demo version of Supraland for Linux and, when I launch it, I see a window with a black screen that closes after a bunch of seconds. When I try to launch the script from the terminal, it gives me this output :

Running Supraland DEMO
4.21.2-4753647+++UE4+Release-4.21 517 0
Disabling core dumps.
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
Checking Pak ConfigSignal 11 caught.
Malloc Size=65538 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=65554
CommonUnixCrashHandler: Signal=11
Malloc Size=65535 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=131119
Malloc Size=68112 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=199248
Failed to find symbol file, expected location:
"/home/watchinofoye/GOG Games/Supraland DEMO/game/Supraland/Binaries/Linux/Supraland-Linux-Shipping.sym"
Malloc Size=147680 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=346944
Engine crash handling finished; re-raising signal 11 for the default handler. Good bye.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Apparently, a symbol file is missing (I find it curious for a release binary, but not so uncommon). I tried to redownload the installer but nothing changes, and the checksum tells me everything is OK. And I don't think it's really the cause of the segfault.

Can you help me ?

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Like every time I post a message about a problem, I've found the solution just after the message was posted...

Actually, I just had to install the proprietary NVIDIA driver. I find it sad, being forced to use the proprietary driver because the free driver is limited...