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Mgyf: facepalm.gif
When you start the game and the launcher comes up, hold down SHIFT while clicking the "START SUPERHOT" button. Instead of starting the game, it will bring up a configuration screen. You can rebind the controls from there.

Yeah, it's really dumb and not obvious. You can do it though.
Why would you hide it like this? Surely can't be that complicated to have it in the actual game?

Thanks for pointing that out though.

Edit: Doesn't seem to work with my preferred bindings (Home, End, Delete, Pagedown instead of wasd, NumPadInsert instead of Space) and it's missing an input binding for "E" -> hotswitch, if I'm not mistaken.

Guess I'll have to dust off Autohotkey for this.
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I changed all notions of wasd to zqsd but i'm still stuck to wasd, which sucks on an azerty keyboard
This is a problem. I need to rebind to the arrow keys. As a leftie I don't use WASD
Yeah, tried it right now on Twitch Prime and it doesn't work.

1) Hide key rebinds behind a launcher that doesn't even show by default
2) Even updating keys there doesn't work

This dev blows. Let's steer away from them and their games.
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