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For the quest "The Salamanka's Tongue" which is required for "The Beggar's Eyes", I cannot find the fire salamanka. The quest says to look in the hills to the west of Lenele, but I've been running around to the west of Lenele for hours, and haven't found the salamanka. Does anyone have any advice for finding it? Where exactly have you found it before? Are the instructions wrong? Is it maybe in the mountains to the west of Lenele, not the hills? Is it maybe somewhere else? Please help!
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So, I found the Fire Salamanka. I've attached a picture of exactly where I encountered it. Two things confused me. The first is that it's past the hills, and well into the mountains. The second is that it was surrounded by broken sewer maintenance robots. So, the first few times I encountered it, I thought it was a completely different encounter and reloaded. It was only by chance that I happened to spot something that looked like a salamanka (kinda like a big lizard), and rushed over to fight it. I hope this will help any others that have the difficulty I had.
Also, do this quest before you go to Iona. Because once you finish on Iona, you can no longer finish this quest as the beggar who starts this quest chain disappears for some reason. Found out the hard way....

For quests that depend on random encounters, I recommend this guide:

For these random quests, it says exactly what type of encounter you are looking for (day/night, location and enemies that need to be present in the encounter etc.). So that you are not pointlessly killing the same enemies over and over and wasting time. If you get the wrong encounter, just load a save on the map and fish for one until you get the one you need.

I honestly hate most of the side quests in this game.
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