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I've just started replaying Summoner, a game I had nearly completed 10 years ago but never quite got round to finishing.
Everything was working fine until my first encounter on the map. The game shows the 'charging' screen as it does when you go from one area of the game to another but I then get a black screen with stormy sounds and then nothing.
If I try to move the characters or use any of the regular game controls I can't hear anything but can't get out of the screen either. I ended up having to log out of my session and start again.

I presume it is some kind of graphics issue but the intro of the game (cutscene) worked fine as did the animated voice-overs I encountered before (I've managed to get to Lenele and Iona- the first encounter only occurred on my way back to Lenele after a few hours of play).

Any suggestions?