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Why is the Sudden Strike 4 DLC Battle of Kursk not available at GOG? It's included in the Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection at GOG. So you have two bad options. You can buy the Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection without the german language or you can buy the game incl. the 4 DLC in german without the DLC Battle of Kursk. The fact that the editor is missing in the GOG version is also annoying. We have the year 2020 and it's not possible to deliver the GOG customers the same Version like Steam. It,s a Shame.
Post edited June 15, 2020 by Windforce
You don't really miss much without that DLC. It's just a single multiplayer map and such a bad value of a DLC that it got pretty bad reviews on steam anyways. So I wouldn't worry about it to be honest