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Upon launching the game I reach a loadingscreen of Panzers and hear some sounds after which the loading never commences. I can exit using Esc and when I Ctrl Alt Delete, but cancels that I seet this error:

NetInterface: CoCreateInstance Failed

I installed using GOG GalaxyBTW.

Hope somebody can fix it?
Okay fixed it, had to enable DirectPlay
FWIW someone mentioned a similar problem and solution in the release thread, so maybe this is the first step when troubleshooting problems with these particular titles.

Glad you found the solution, and posted it.
How do you enable direct play and what is that?
p.s. Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features on or off
Post edited August 05, 2017 by disi
Thanks for this. It fixed mine as well. You guys are better than support.