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I bough all three games thanks to the old demo that was on the CD filled with demos that I bought in random kiosk more than 15 years ago.

I know it's a German mission but could not found it in the game (spammed *blitzkrieg* cheat code), is it anywhere in these games?

Even downloaded that demo again but won't install on Win 764bit. Tried in VirtualBox but sounds is broken....
"This mission was created for purposes of demonstration only and does not claim to be historically correct"
The mission is not contained in ANY release of the game including add-in packs.

I want to explain why the demo in not playable too much.
First of all you have to install XP mode (Microsoft virtual PC) to lunch the demo. It is possible only when you have win7 PRO or win10 in PRO or higher version.
Second problem is too hard, very unbalanced scenario. Enemy has a short fog-of-war, many hovitzers in duty. ( they kill players units in a seconds from very long distance - every time your units are in visible filed of any enemy's unit you units are killed)
You do not have enough artillery and reconnaissance units. The only strategy that comes to mind is to take over the anti-aircraft battery in the start of scenario, move it closer and closer to the enemy positions on the south, SPAM AA gun, and sacrifice many infantry units to check the current position of left opponent's units.
After playing more than a dozen attempts (on my girl's computer) I went forward to the second part of the mission (after two hours exact cleaning south territory and where my infantry unit went to the hunter's house and received support (2 mobile mortars and some experienced
infantry units).
Continuing for over a dozen minutes my one man army tactics ( experienced SNIPER = in a full game is a only shooter unit with "mauser" rifle, snipers there is an speparete units category ) I try to kill a crew of all AA batteries and hovitzers hidden in the forest. The game in this moment is over - demo application destroyed and automatically returns to the main menu.
In my opinion, it is a waste of time to come back to the demo and better play the full version - the units are more balanced and the scenarios more playable. Regards, Przemek.