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I am playing this game on a 1080p display and the game graphics only displays in a box at the center of the screen, as you can imagine everything is pretty small and hard to see.
1024x768 is the highest resolution this game would run at, I assume that is also the size of the box.
When I disabled the option to let the application override the high dpi scaling, I can see the main menu screen increased in size but still inside that box at the center of the screen, which means I couldn't see a good part of the main menu screen.
Is there anyway I can make this game use more screen real estate?

An update on this issue after some research and a chat with tech support.
I needed to enable GPU scaling in Nvidia Control Panel.
My problem is my cheap gaming laptop's display doesn't have display or GPU scaling.
Solution is to attach an external display via HDMI or play the game on low resolution monitor.
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