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Changelog for patch 1.01.19357 (added 30 August 2017):

- Script issue fixed on SU05 – HARKOW that lead to mission being incompleteable under certain circumstances
- Fixed an exception when entering into a civilian vehicle on GE02 – SEDAN
- Fixed suspension and sinking for Zis-5 AA
- AL07 Plunder historical footage voiceover fix
- AL07 Operation Plunder localisation fix in background text
- Fixed missing localisation of a skill description
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Changelog for Patch 1.02.19541 (added 06 September 2017):

- Lan Support fixed
- Host migration improvements
Ingame/multiplayer lobby team and all chat (use TAB to switch between all and team chat
* Ping function introduced for multiplayer (use the button or Crtl+click next to the minimap)
- Reworked icon feedback for formations
- Fixed crashes caused by a specific set of civil cars
- Fixed suspension of some soviet trucks
- Fixed voices of last Allied extra
- Fixed group movement mirroring
- Fixed reverse movement handling and unit in-place turning
- Consolidated large unit obstruction sizes
- Tweaked infantry vs infantry collision behavior
- Fixed an issue where repeated commands would make units stop
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Changelog for patch 1.03.20098 (added 11 October 2017):

- Introduction of „Classic” (SUS2) multiplayer mode
- Normal multiplayer mode is now called „Domination”
- 2 new large (4vs4) multiplayer maps supporting both „Classic” and „Domination” game modes
- Introduction of new mutators: „Zeppelin capture timer” and „Time until defeat timer”
- Player count is optimized for multiplayer map sizes
- Player names are now displayed ingame (mouse over)
- Improved AI: easy, medium and hard settings in Skirmish and Multiplayer
- „Domination” modes (Note: Skirmish is not supported on the „Classic” multiplayer maps)
- Classic Multiplayer Mode also has more units available like artillery, AT guns, etc.
- Improved stability
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Changelog for patch 1.04.20325 (added 13 October 2017)

- 2 new, large multiplayer map
- Large map support fixes
- Chinese voice fixes
- Modding feature supports
- Classic mode countdown fixes
- Classic mode UI fixes
- Formation UI fix
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Changelog for Update (added 09 November 2017):

- Fixed a minor bug in the Linux installer
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Changelog for Patch 1.05.21427 (added 22 December 2017):


* AI controlled players are now available for Classic Mode Battles. As a result of this, Classic Mode Battles are now available in Skirmish as well.

* Added connectivity feedback to multiplayer lobby
* Multiplayer AI improvements
* Main menu flow improvements

* Elite units fixed in Classic Mode Battles
* Explosions fixed in shallow water areas
* Falaise Pocket Allied Mission airstrikes fixed
* Minor Multiplayer UI fixes
* Minor Localization Fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.06.22743 (added 13 February 2018):

** Win & Mac **


We have some great news for you – Sudden Strike 4 has received its first update of the year!
This version will add a new commander for both skirmish- and multiplayer modes, alongside a range of other gameplay changes:

Content update:
* We have added a new commander – Charles de Gaulle, a renowned commander of the French army.
* Command his army of French troops and vehicles, which also includes a brand new FCM 2C Heavy tank.
* Charles de Gaulle is available for all players, complete with his own army and unit set, and is playable in both single- and multiplayer matches.

Additional Gameplay updates:
* We have added support for increased zoom out distance.
* The newly-implemented extended camera zoom mode allows you to zoom out further from the battlefield.
* Please note that this function may affect both CPU and GPU performance depending on your system specs. You can enable or disable this feature in the options menu.

We have added 360° camera rotation support.
360° camera rotation allows you to rotate the camera freely on the
battlefield.Use the middle mouse button by default to rotate the camera, or
change the key binding in the options menu at any time.

Gameplay improvements
We also made other improvements to the game:
* We have increased the effectiveness of sniper units, and increased the range for supply and repair units.
* We have added a new Scatter command for infantry groups. This command will prove useful when your troops are under enemy fire, especially mortar fire that can kill infantry squads easily.
* For multiplayer matches, we have improved the latency/ping counter, which is now more accurate and may improve the multiplayer experience.
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Changelog for Patch 1.07.23633 (16 March 2018)

* At the start of the mission, the crew of the strongest medium or heavy tank unit is promoted to elite status.
* Updated skirmish AI:
* Skirmish AI has been enhanced in Domination mode:
-- Adaptive unit purchase management. The AI's unit choice now better reflects its current standing and strategical needs.
-- Extended use of air support against other human or AI opponents.
-- Better use of transport vehicles which now engage in combat, if necessary.
* Updated multiplayer service:
-- Multiplayer connectivity has been improved to reduce latency and increase stability.
* Revamped Quick Match:
-- Minimum player count has been reduced to 1 vs 1.
-- Quick Matches start once another player joins the session.
* Doctrine skill balance changes:
-- Reworked functionality for the "Survive" and "Tough Guy" doctrine skills.
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Changelog for Patch 1.08 (added 24 April 2018):

** Windows & Mac only **

New Doctrine
* The Armored Doctrine of Hermann Balck is now available for all players!
* Utilizing unique German tank hunter units and a specialized skill set, this commander opens new tactical opportunities to defeat your opponents.

Hermann Balck – Armored Doctrine
* Coming from a family with a rich military tradition, Hermann Balck fought in both World Wars.
* By the end of the second, he was a General of Armored Troops, and his leadership on the Eastern Front earned him the rare Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds.
* He was an expert in armored combat and tactics.

New Vehicles in Multiplayer
* Destroy your enemies with the new Jagdpanther and Hetzer tank destroyers, and conduct fast blitzkrieg operations with the heavily-armored Panzer II Ausf. J light tank.

Multiplayer feedback improvements:
* You can now switch between team colours and player colours in multiplayer and skirmish matches.
Improved feedback for capturing strategic locations in Domination mode.
* Added a safe planning period at the start of each battle.
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Changelog for patch 1.09 (added 14 June 2018):

New features coming in version 1.09

- Added two new multiplayer maps based in Finland*: Tali and Citadel.
- Detailed multiplayer result screen: We added a new tab to the result screen in multiplayer and skirmish battles, where you can compare how you fared against your adversaries and teammates.
- Skirmish AI has been further enhanced in both game modes: Extended use of abandoned vehicles. From now on the AI will make use of APC’s by towing artilleries to support the main force.
- Better management of supply and repair vehicles. With this new feature, supply and repair units will follow the main force, and whenever a unit in the proximity requires their services, they proactively respond to these calls. Transport vehicles will now be used to relocate towed armaments.

Gameplay tweaks

- Reworked the explosive equipment distribution, and improved the weapons on all halftrucks.
- Snipers will now be deployed with TNT equipment.
- The HP of halftrucks have been increased and their mounted MGs have an increased rate of fire.
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Changelog for Patch 1.09 hotfix (added 21 June 2018):

The hotfix will contain following fixes:

* Fixed an issue when broken savegames could render the savel/load UI unresponsive
* Fixed an issue allowing in-game chat to occasionally appear in global chat
* Fixed a case when global chat connectivity issues prevented the creation of multiplayer games
Patch 1.09 hotfix (added 21 June 2018):

Where is the hot fix to download?
Actually my saved games are not compatible.
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Changelog for Patch 1.10 (added 14 August 2018):

Commanders! In this update, we brought you usability changes, feature extensions and skill balance changes.
Find more details and the full list of changes below:

Custom Key Bindings
* Added the community requested feature for you to be able to customize the key bindings. You can find it in Settings -> Mouse and keyboard layout menu.

Extended Ping functionality
* Added two new ping actions in Multiplayer battles to ask your teammates for defensive and offensive support.

Doctrine skill rework
* Reworked the APCR ammo doctrine skill, which will now penetrate half of the target's armor, instead of giving a flat damage bonus.
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Changelog for Update 1.13 (added 19 November 2018):

New Multiplayer Doctrine -- Mark W. Clark - Armored Doctrine
* The veteran of WWI, US military leader Mark Wayne Clark commanded the American Fifth Army and 15th Army Group during the Allied invasion of Italy. He lead the attack that captured Rome during the campaign and earned the rank of General by the war’s end. Clark was an expert in infantry tactics and warfare.
* Utilizing unique Allied tank hunter units and a specialized skill set, this commander opens new tactical opportunities to defeat your opponents. Destroy your enemies with the new A39 Tortoise tank destroyer and obliterate any oposition with the A43 Black Prince heavy tank.

New Multiplayer Map
* Battle for the control of a plateau in the new multiplayer map „Plateau”.

New Vehicles
* A39 Tortoise - Tank Destroyer
* A43 Black Prince - Heavy Tank

* Also you can now utilize medical trucks to assist your infantry forces in multiplayer or skirmish matches.
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Changelog for Update 1.14 (added 14 December 2018):

Commanders! The new Skirmish & Multiplayer AI Update has been released. With this update, players will now have the option to call for assistance from the AI during skirmish and multiplayer matches to help in capturing or defending strategic positions, as well as assault assistance in selected locations. Use the corresponding icons above the minimap to access these help requests.