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I noticed that, for some reason, the Manual ( from Extra Executables in GoG Galaxy ) for this game contains a bunch of wrong information.

There are multiple false Keybindings mentioned, and for some reason this is even the case in the German Manual.

Wrong Infos i have found in the Manual so far :

"Select Next Sonar Target" - Manual says : R ( actual key : Enter )
"Change Weapon Bay" - Manual says : B ( actual key : Backspace )
"Fire Weapon" - Manual says : X ( actual key : Space )

Was the original manual of this game misprinted ?

Edit :
I just noticed that the Quick Ref Card is available as an Extra Download, but since the GoG forums don't allow editing the thread title, i can't remove that part .. sigh.

Anyway, make sure to look at the Quick Reference, not the Manual, if you are looking for key bindings.
Post edited July 22, 2021 by rebb