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With this small article we're starting a brand new section of "the best mods for Good Old Games".
In this short reviews we will take a closer look at some of the best, the biggest and the most fun mods that have been created for games that are available in the's games catalogue. For the first mod spotlight we decided to look at [url=]Stronghold and The Lord of the Rings™ mod. Jump in and check out our testers' (Skreczi and Paczyk) opinions on this fan modification. We'll try to post similar mod spotlights from time to time, so if you have any comments or recommendations let us know!
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Let us know what you think, folks! If you'd like to see more of this sort of content, you need to tell us... or else our bosses are all like, "hey you, marketing guys, shouldn't you be out there putting stickers up around town instead of writing about mods?" Please, they'll whip us.
Great idea thanks guys never knew about this mod before.
Great idea i for one support it
In my opinion it's ery good idea about this new section. Often good game mod is what pursue me and I think many players to playtrough game again or, if I already don't have it in my collection, buying it. Especially I like total conversions, for example Fallout Awaken for Tactics.
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Great idea! Thanks for this, GOG Staff!
Among others, it's nice touches like this that make this site truly exceptional and show you care for your customers and the games in the catalogue (oh, and the relation between these two :-)).
I don't play a lot of mods but I still think this is a good idea. Keep up the good work.
So good, that i am actually thinking of buying the game, does the mod work for the Crusader game or just the original Stronghold?
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juancho: So good, that i am actually thinking of buying the game, does the mod work for the Crusader game or just the original Stronghold?

On mod site there is info that mod requires Stronghold v 1.2 so I think that only with Stronghold.
I really like this new feature. I'm thinking about picking up Stronghold as a result of this!
Thanks for the info GOG! (Downloading the MOD now).
Good stuff! Keep it coming, good mods can be hard to find.
This is an excellent idea and, as far as marketing goes, spreading the word about exciting mods could definitely make some people more inclined to buy certain games from GOG. Moar!
I think its a great idea, I actually play some mods more then the original game they replace.
Awesome idea.
One question, though: would it be very expensive for GOG to host the mods reviewed? You can never depend too much on third-party hosting... Fan-sites come and go, and GOG stays, after all :).
It's a great idea! Mods are a big part of gaming on the long tail -- what other GOG games are modded like this? I know Freespace has a strong modding community ... what else is out there?