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Alright, seeing as there are apparently no threads on mission tips right now, I thought I might as well start one.

The purpose is simple: post tips on how to survive and/or get high scores for each mission. Even better if you've got videos to show it off :-)

Here's mine for Mission 1:

Unit: Apex Fighter
- Small Plasma Gun / Crew 500ep
- Light Machine Gun / RPE 75mm Pd
- Swarm Missile / S2SSCM Swarm *
- Swarm Missile / S2SSCM Swarm *
- Rocket Pods / BFRPCM Titan
* Initially not available

Mission time: 6mins 31s
Total score: 51975pts (Platinum)
Video (Youtube): /watch?v=ImzzbSukyxA

- IMHO, you need swarm missiles to get Platinum here; the fighter missile takes long to aim and travel, which makes it time inefficient (and it also tends to miss when shot from a long distance)
- Spend the least time on the firing range / debris field; destroy the wreckage quickly using rocket pods
- Destroy as many wreckage as you can (but without sacrificing time) - this can make or break your shot at the Platinum medal
- When fighting against enemy units, use light machine guns to quickly deplete their shields
- It only takes 2 packs(?) of swarm missiles to take down an enemy unit with depleted shields
- Machine gun bullets travel faster than swarm missiles; if you can time it right, you could take down an enemy unit faster by shooting 2 packs(?) of swarm missiles from mid distance (about 1 - 1.5 km away) and then get in close with light machine guns

Will post more soon :-)
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Now, if anyone could provide some tips for mission 3 and how to unlock the upgrade there, that would be awsome.

The problem is how to beat the corvettes without letting any torpedo reach the carrier spaceship.