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This is weird! If I have a TARGET profile loaded the game won't recognize the stick (Warthog HOTAS), but does if I unload it.

I'm using TARGET to map the throttle axis to produce keypress events "1,2,3,4,5" in the range 0-75% (up until the afterburner detent) and "6,7,8,9,0" in 75-100% It seems the only way I can use the throttle in the game.

[EDIT] Disregard! The topic "Joystick problems" by sobershooter25 helped.

[RE-EDIT] The problem reoccurs occasionally, but it seems like it's a fault of the TARGET software. Loading a profile sometimes renders the stick unresponsive. Tried unloading and reloading the profile a couple times until it worked again.
Post edited September 25, 2020 by Erik_Karhatsu