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It was an Origin game of a similar type to Wing Commander and Strike Commander and used the same engine as the latter. I never actually owned this game it did catch my eye back then. It was a game i wanted to get but was never able to acquire a copy. Though it wasn't received that well by critics as the game engine was starting to look dated compared to other flight sims of the time. And i heard that it also had bugs and bad performance, perhaps due to trying to enhance the strike commander graphics which graphics cards of the time probably werent cut out for. Though I am speculating. My point is that I would very much like to see that game come out for GOG. Though it may still be buggy i'm sure it will run as well as could technically be possible given modern hardware.

Anyone else like to see this come to gog too? As far as i'm aware there isn't a vote for pacific strike gog wishlist yet. Though there is one for Wings of Glory, which also is built on strike commander engine i think and came out a year after Pacific Strike. I have voted for that one.
I played all the other Origin flight sims (and still have copies of all of them) EXCEPT Pacific Strike. I never saw it for sale. An EB near me growing up had the speech pack but never saw the game for sale. As far as I know, it was only available on 3.5 discs and never had a CD version. Nor, was it ever in any EA compilation (how I ended up with multiple copies of some games).
I never saw it for sale in the area where I live but from gameplay footage I've seen I don't think I've missed much.
Although I do recommend Wings Of Glory however, which I think is a vastly underrated Origin flight simulator.

If you want ww2 dos flightsims I recommend Aces of the Pacific and Aces over Europe and Pacific and European Airwar (windows).
Aces of the Pacific was really good, and European Air War. I was never able to get into Pacific Airwar though. That being said, I still hope PS can make it to gog one day, because on a modern pc it should in theory be able to run at a better frame rate. And i like the more casual/arcadey gameplay of the wing commander and strike commander series, it would suit a ww2 themed game pretty well. I'd totally buy Wings of Glory if it ever made it to gog as well. I remember it being a game i wanted to buy, but it was only in my local shops for a very brief time and I didn't have the money at that moment. While i couldn't find a copy afterwards when i did have the funds.
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I don't think it will every run at a higher FPS. The games seem coded to lower FPS. European Air War is available on GOG and is still fun (plus you can TrackIR to emulator the mouse to at least look left and right). Wings of Glory is great. I still have my disc and Manual.
I only read about Pacific Strike... I never saw it being on sale (though it probably was, for a short time, I think I saw its speech pack on the shelf, it was not exactly a bestseller).
It was never issued on CD-ROM, which was my preferred medium in the 90'ties (for obvious reasons - not only were CDs more compact and durable than floppies, it was also possible to play most of the games from them directly and thus saving precious HDD space).

I played Wings of Glory, however, I didn't finish it... didn't really liked it... it had somewhat overblown hardware requirements on one hand and its story was way too stereotypical on the other, which, in my opinion, did not work well. I only bought it, since I still had 486 - once I upgraded to Pentium level machine, I bought Red Baron 2 (3D) and never looked back...

Aces of the Pacific was an amazing game... it really should be here!

Aces over Europe was more like "SWOTL-copycat" in way too many aspects and as much I liked it, compared to Pacific it felt like something rushed and done only in order to cash in both on popularity of SWOTL and approaching 50th anniversary of Normandy landings...

Never really played PAW and EAW...
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